Nightfire Jets – Report

This meeting was all about testing and getting more data for the car for the up coming Top Alcohol round in a few months.

First pass of the day was around 2:25pm, was a hot sunny day. Track temperature was approaching 130 deg F which made for tricky conditions. Shane did his normal routine and […]

Nightfire – Jets

Well 3 weeks to get the car ready. We have replaced the piston rings, rods, sleeves in the bores. The clutch has had the discs machined and the gearbox has a new sprag. Cant wait for the weekend, fast times here we come fingers crossed.

Aidan is flying in tomorrow from his home town in […]

Grand Opening

Well the last 3 weeks the car has been fully stripped and rings replaced. The new sprag had not arrived so we have to use the borrowed one. The main problem Weston Racing has is spare parts. We have very limited parts in stock as we don’t have the financial backing that we need to […]

Pre-Season 2013/2014

Weston Racing has had a tuff off season. Towards the end of August we planned our usual pre season BBQ. This was a huge success with everyone enjoying there relaxing evening.

With Shane turning 21 at the start of the season we had also planned a surprise party. So with getting the team, car everything […]