Night of Fire – December 28th

We hope everyone had a great and safe Christmas.

This meeting we had the Data logger repaired and the battery replaced so we should be able to get data on the runs again. The first Qualifying pass at 3:20pm we left the setup as it was from the previous meeting night pass. The track […]

Pre Christmas Update

Friends came over for a pre Christmas get together with their kids. They both wanted to help Shane out with the finishing touches on the race car, helping with putting the panels, bolts/nuts etc on and then finishing off polishing the whole car for him before they wanted to have some photo’s before for the […]

Maintenance for 28th December Meeting


Maintenance – Block





Car was unloaded after the previous meeting and the engine has been completely stripped down and checked. The crank was sent away to get crack tested at Applied Automotive’s and was given the all clear.

Gearbox has been serviced and clutches replaced and re-setup and placed […]

Nitro & Fire Meeting Report

This event was a 2 day meeting. Weather wasn’t looking to good at the beginning with rain through the morning, but this cleared up for a short time. During friday nights qualifying we managed to get 1 pass in before the event was called for the night.

The team worked hard with the short […]