weston-logoANDRA Drag Racing is one of the most popular motor sports in this country. With off-street meetings run by all ANDRA member tracks, it’s also one of the most accessible. From the outside, drag racing looks simple – two cars or bikes race each other to the finish line after getting the green light.

But the complexity required to run a supercharged, methanol fuelled dragster is amazing.

The Weston family compete in both Top Comp, a local category run at Perth Motorplex, and nationally in Top Alcohol.

Top Comp is a handicapped category where vehicles of different types can race each other evenly. It uses indexes calculated based on previous run data and national records to determine the handicaps.

Top Alcohol is a “heads up” pro category where vehicles leave at the same time and the first one to the finish line wins. It combines both dragsters such as that which Shane races as well as Funny Cars.

Shane Weston is Australia’s youngest ANDRA Pro Series driver. Securing his dragster licence at just 17 years of age, Weston has been competing successfully ever since at his home track Perth Motorplex and the east coast too.

Weston is now making the move into the Top Alcohol category where he will be racing against some of the best drag racers in the country.