Grand Final

Well it has come to the Grand Final event for the 2013-2014 season for Weston Racing.

With only a short turn around until this event (less than 2 weeks) the engine had to be stripped/checked and re assembled within 7 days just in case we needed parts or problems.

All the data was showing good and all safe after the meeting. Aidan studied to see where improvements could be found and a plan was made. We didn’t have time between the meeting to get all the fuel system changed, so we had to do this at the track. This was cutting it fine for the 3:30pm pass, so we decided just to stop and leave it alone for the first pass and then we had 2 hours until the 6pm compulsory qualifier.


The weather was cloudy,  hovering around the 26-28 degree mark. The track was looking great and the track crew have yet again done a great job with preparing it as usual. The first lap down the track recorded a 5.609 @ 249.60mph, which was looking good from the numbers we normally run around this time of the day.

After the pass the engine maintenance was done and we worked on finishing off the changes in the fuel system. This took a little longer than we thought and with only about 15 minutes before we had to be out for compulsory qualify, as Rob Pilkington and Shane where the first pairing. We finished and quickly fired up the car to check if this was going to work and still be ok. This was hard to see on the data so we just decided to refill the car and go out.

The car sounded real angry when Shane came through the tunnel to do his burnout. The track would have to be the best it has ever been all season, we just hoped the changes to make the engine more power on the hit of the throttle wasn’t going to be to much and over power the track. The dragster left like a rocket with a 0.90 second 60 foot time and was fast all the way getting to the end in 5.534 seconds @ 252.10 mph. Another personal Best for the team and a new Track Record also. This qualified us Number 1.

weston-140405(Photo Courtesy Phil Luyer – High Octane Photos)

All the data and engine was looked over and all was good for the Elimination round against Gregorini in his Top Doorslammer. When our class was scheduled to run there was a slight shower which stopped the racing and cooled the track down a lot. We were the next pair after the track crew dried the track, this was going to be a hard race, we didn’t think we were going to get down the track but we couldn’t do any changes to the car so we could only hope. The car left hard again, but then lost traction and stepped out sideways, Shane pedalled the car, straightened it up started the chase to catch Gregorini in the other lane. We just missed out winning running a 5.810 @ 247.93.

The team was still happy to finish the season on a high by running another personal best and track record as it shows we are heading in the right direction with the tune-up and we still have lots more to try next season to go even faster and quicker.

We finished the season in 3rd position behind Rob Pilkington and the winner Al McClure.

In the Westside Drag Racing Association Club championship we finished 1st.  Well done to all the teams that we have raced over this season.

We would like to thank all the dedicated crew over this season of racing. They have excelled every meeting with what ever has been thrown there way. Without these great people we wouldn’t be able to get the dragster on the track every lap. So thank  you ladies and gents.

Also to my sponsors Darling Downs Drilling, The Boat Business, Pirtek Blackwater, Compressor Valve Services and Stewarts Pest Control. With out there support we couldn’t run the car and attend the meetings as we have so please support them.

We will be working through out the off season stripping the car and doing chassis maintenance and coming up with some changes to the engine/fuel system also. So stayed tuned to the website and Facebook as we will be updating this during this time. Thanks again for following the team and we look forward to seeing you all again next season which starts around October 2014.

The Weston Racing Team!

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