Grand Opening

Well the last 3 weeks the car has been fully stripped and rings replaced. The new sprag had not arrived so we have to use the borrowed one. The main problem Weston Racing has is spare parts. We have very limited parts in stock as we don’t have the financial backing that we need to run on the professional level that we want to run in. We try really hard, and hope we do our sponsors  proud. We try and betray ourselves as professional as we can on the budget that we have.

Well this meeting was new to all competitors as it is the start of the new indexing system. It is now running off track records not national records. But this also has a twist if you are running in group 1 meaning Top Alcohol or Top Door Slammer your index has a bonus 10th. So basically TA/D which is our class the track record is 5.58 with the extra 10th the index will be 5.68. But if we were running in are old class AA/D which is a group 2 class the track record is 5.56 so the index would be 5.56 as only group 1 cars get the extra 10th.

So with all that out the way it’s time to go racing. We decide to do the early round of qualifying at 2.50pm.  We have not even run a full pass yet but today is all about getting more data. Reaction time 0.040 not bad, his got the air gap in the clutch set up right this assists in his reaction. 6.017 to 1000ft they are happy with that.

6.00pm CQ

img_1310264Still no  full track pass yet so here goes we decided to pair up with Murray O’Connor as we are worried about the amount of fuel we are using on a run. With not having done a full track pass we wanted to be sure we had enough fuel. We let Murray do his burnout first and then we proceeded to do ours, Shane stages and 0.20 reactions and runs a 6.040 not a good time but it’s all about the data.  The data came up good so we decide keep running.

8.00  1st round seen us up against Beg’s he was having problems he asked us to hang back in the staging lanes to give him time to get his funny car back together. As we were uncertain about the fuel situation we decided again to hang back while Beg’s did his burnout Shane did a really short sharp one. He staged & 0.153 reaction but run through with a win and a 5.865 time now that’s getting better.

We thought we would at least get into the B final but when the bracket marshal came round we had actually gotten in the A final. Wahoo we were now pumped.

image10.00pm finals we were up against Al McClure.

Shane had him on the tree 0.024 to a slow 0.122 from McClure. Shane run a 0.960 to 60 ft and run 5.848 pass to a winning 6.389 to McClure congratulations to the McClure team and a fantastic effort from the Weston Racing team.

We would like to thank the guys.

Aidan Duncan, Mark Shorto, Brad Anstey, Jaidan Marlow, Troy Alford, Richard Weston,

And the girls Kayla Vogel, Karen Hildebrandt, Elaine Weston.


Darling Downs Drilling, Especially Warren for the loan of the hot Rod for the tow car.

Compressor Valve Service,

Stewarts Pest Control,

Pirtek Blackwater

The Boat Business


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