Hi Lowlights Part 2 – 2012 Season

Dec 2nd & 3rd Top Fuel Championship


Well everything that could go wrong did.

After the last meeting we had severe head damage so this needs to be repaired first.

With Richard working away everything was left to Shane and Elaine to organize. You would think by now it would be straight forward to load the trailer WRONG. So many things just got forgot and left behind good job is was a 2 day meet.


After Shane and Kayla set up the Annex’s we got the car ready to start. Batteries were fully charged but the car would not start.
After checking the battery in the car it was showing it was fully charged but it had dropped cells. So we needed to purchase another battery, Lucky Mark our engine guy sells batteries at his work The Boat Business. So we were able to get the car going but not until Sat morning.
Saturday new battery starts first pop as usual.

1st qualify for the day 5.97 @ 233mph the team were not real happy with this time we were hoping to be at least in the 80’s
The data showed we were having a fuel issue. After making some adjustments we were ready to do our 2nd qualify 5.93 @ 236mph. This was a little better we seem to be going in the right direction.

1st Round
Seen Shane up alongside Pino Priolo. Shane pulled a 0.17 reaction to Pino’s 0.21 reaction and with a 5.94 @ 233mph Shane getting the win.
Unfortunately due to the index system which we run under this was not fast enough to get into to an A final or even a B final we need to run a mid to low 5.8 sec pass to be fast enough.

Dec 26th Boxing Day Jet Dragsters

Due to still having a tune up issues we severely damaged the head again. We need to get on top of this issue and fast.
Not the usual really hot day thank goodness.
Richard is home so all is good.

1st Qualify 5.92 @ 234mph we must be on the right track.

2nd Qualify was right on track 5.84 @ 237mph
We must be getting it right now.

1st round we are up against Daniel Gregorini. This is going to be a tuff race as Daniel is good on the tree. Both cars do the burnout Shane peels smoke off the tyres.

Shane reverses back does his usual checks and proceeds to stage. But unfortunately one of the new crew guys damaged a seal when putting the rocker cover on and oil was pumping out the spark plug hole. So therefore Shane had to be shut down. As it was too dangerous to proceed with the run.

Weston Racing would like to thank you there sponsors for all you continued support.

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