Weston Looking For Good Result At Westernationals

Western Australia’s most prestigious drag racing event of the season occurs on 30th & 31st January at the Perth Motorplex. Talent from all over the country will attend the 44th Westernationals for Round 1 of the Top Alcohol National ANDRA championship.

With a number of teams stepping up this year the fight is going to be very tough to win the championship event. At recent testing Craig Glassby’s funny car ran a 5.46 and Shane managed to get back to his personal best time of 5.54.

There will be 10 cars consisting of dragsters, funny cars and altereds all competing for the final eight spots.   WA Drivers, Weston, Pilkington, Glassby, Marchant, Del Caro and Begley will be taking it to the Eastern State/NT guys, Phillips, O’Rourke, Ambruosi and Canuli. Weston is still the youngest competing driver in the series at 22 years of age.

dna150102The team suffered some damage from the recent testing from an over rev when the lenco broke, this is all getting repaired and we will be firing on all eight cylinders come Friday 30th January. This is the event that Shane and the team really want to win as it has eluded him since his racing career began in Juniors 15 years ago.

Our aim this year is to go through to the finals.   Last year we got knocked out in the semi- finals but we have learnt and developed a lot from then.

The last couple of meetings we have had very good consistency with the car running between 5.54 & 5.65 every lap, with a win against John Zappia at the 02nd January re-run meeting. But once we add more power to this hotrod consistency is sacrificed, as it becomes a fine line between right and wrong. This is the next challenge for the team.

We are displaying the dragster at Langley Park at the ANDRA display for the sky show on Monday January 26th and at Armadale Shopping City on Wednesday January 28th so come down and say hello.

We would love to see you supporting us on Friday (Qualifying times 5.40pm, 7.40pm, 9.40pm) and Saturday (Eliminations 6.15pm, 8.10pm, 10pm) at the Perth Motorplex

Weston Racing couldn’t do this with out my hard working crew and my loyal sponsors, Darling Downs Drilling, Stewarts Pest Control, The Boat Business, Prompt Equipment Hire, Fuchs Oil and Pirtek Blackwater, his crew: Mark Shorto, Brad Anstey, Troy Alford, Richard & Elaine Weston, Bob Marlow, Aidan Duncan, Kayla Vogel, Karen Hildebrandt and junior crew Ben & Chris Duncan

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Weston Red Lights

wpid-20141208043332.jpgComing off a high from the last event the team only had 2 weeks to turn the dragster around. This is complete tear down of the engine back to the block to check everything before building again. This was cut short as the Perth Motorplex wanted some drag cars for the speedway event to show so we had to get it all done and ready within 4 days for the weekend.

The crew did a great job getting this done and we headed down on Saturday to the Perth Motoplex speedway event. We all had a great time watching and talking to the interested public about the dragster.

The weather for this event was nearly the same as the last event, so not much was going to change with the tuneup. We just had to do more laps to work out the tyre shake problem that we were getting still.

New tyres were purchased and they arrived Friday before the event. It was a mad rush to get these balanced and ready which was finished Saturday morning. We had to borrow tyres from Sam Treasure so we could load the dragster to get to the dragster loaded and to the track. (Thanks Sam).

The new tyres had all little cuts over the surface of them so we had to rush home and get the old ones and swap these over. Not what you want to be doing before a race meeting.

wpid-20141208043421.jpgFirst pass of the day was around 4.00pm. Track was good and we managed a 5.61 @ 247mph. Was an ok pass straight off the trailer and that was the quickest pass down the track so far.

Back at the pits the engine was checked over and the data downloaded. Everything was all good and we were out again just after 6pm. The track would come around as it did last meeting so we placed a little more into the dragster. Car left good, but started to shake a little at the top of first gear so a quick pedal from Shane for a 5.65 @ 250mph.

This made us Top Qualifier tonight. First elimination round around 8.15pm was against Russell Ladbrook’s AA/FC. Was going to be a good race, but a red light was brought up on the tree (-0.028), Shane left to early losing the race.

Weston Racing would like to thank you for your support this year. We would like to wish you, your family, friends a safe Merry Christmas and an awesome 2015.

The next event is after Christmas – 28th December – Jet Car Max. Hope to see you there.



Weston Wins WA Top Alcohol Championship

The first WA Top Alcohol Championship round here at the Perth Motorplex. There were plenty of hard hitters at this event that have upgraded their combo’s this season, so we had to be on our A game.

During the last event we had a phone call from Corey Marriott with a concept he thought would be good for the team which involved and new paint scheme, which he would end up applying to the dragster over the 3-week period before this event. A lot of endless nights were had by Corey painting this masterpiece in the backyard, that resulted in this new look dragster “Endangered Species”.

At first this was a big shock as we have always had a Black dragster throughout Shane’s drag racing. It took some time to adjust to but the more Corey painted and work each day the concept was getting clearer and we started to see Corey’s idea on the car. Corey was given free for all with his idea and on Saturday it was revealed to everyone to see at this meeting. The feedback we received from everyone was great and it seems everyone likes the dragster with colour.

We had a few issues from the previous meeting breaking the Lenco gearbox. Ordering parts ended up being a problem as Lenco in the USA didn’t have any sprags on the shelf and it would be a few weeks before we could get new ones from them. It was a mad rush to ring around to see who might have some spares that we could use for this meeting. Ryan Moresby came to the rescue that we are very grateful for.

This meant the gearbox had to be assembled at the track on Saturday before we could go racing as we were waiting on some other parts also for the gearbox. This added a little pressure to the team at the start of the day but we all pulled together and got the work done and fired the car and checked everything was working.

weston-familyFirst qualifying pass was around 3:30pm; weather was warm with the sun out about 24 degree, with track temp around 44 degrees. 1200 foot and around 48 water grains. (good weather to make horsepower) This was a good change from last meeting, so we expected the track to be a lot different.   We staged the dragster and left the line hard with a 0.941 60-foot time but the car rattle the tyres. Shane aborted the run, as it was not worth damaging the dragster pedaling the car.

Back in the pits the data was looked over, and a plan for the 6:00pm pass was discussed. The track was going to come around for the compulsory qualifier and we wanted to go out hard and try to put a respectable time on the boards. We had a solo pass so there was no pressure on Shane, we could take our time and make sure everything was right before we sent him on his way down the track.

The track was so tight that it caught us off guard, the Perth Motorplex crew had done a stellar job. Shane brought the dragster up to the launch rpm and dropped the clutch, it took off like a rocket just lifting the front wheels and carrying them out nicely, but the great traction produced a power wheel stand which was only getting higher and higher carrying the wheels over the 60 foot timer maker which ended up tripping this beam with the back tyres at 1 second. Shane had to feather off the throttle as it was only climbing higher and was getting to the point of no return. The dragster came down hard, Shane did a great job and got back on the throttle and drove it down under full power not realizing the force coming back done had cracked all the blower studs, stopping the timers at 5.96 seconds at 238mph. The force of pulling the chutes at the finish line was enough to break the blower studs completely off doing a little damage to fuel lines and the blower belt, the safety straps kept the blower from falling off completely.  Click to view video

ws141115This qualified us behind Rob Pilkington’s TA/FC in second position which meant the next round we would be up against Craig Glassby’s TA/FC. We had quiet a bit of maintenance to do between this round which was removing the blower and replacing studs, o’ring seals on top of the normal maintenance. All hands were on deck to turn the car around before the 8pm run time. All the data showed good and it wanted more power. Some subtle changes were made as the track was only going to get better and we didn’t want to under estimate the track again. We were running late to make it out on time, but Craig being a great sportsman waited for us in the staging lanes which was very much appreciated and we towed around straight to the fire up position that’s how close we were to nearly missing out. Shane was given the thumbs up and we fired the car for the pass, staged and launched the car hard. It shook the tyres at the top of first gear and Shane had to lift off the throttle which was about .5 of a second and then on again running out the back door for a 5.717 @ 250.69mph and won the race. The guys had done a great job getting in and getting the dragster back out on the line to make this pass. It was a great result to win the race and run a respectable time.

It looked like the final was going to be between our old mate Rob Pilkington’s TA/FC. These guys had already ran a heap of 5.6’s for the day. These guys are always on there game and are a very hard competitor to bet at the best of times, we had to try and find the times we were running last season.

IMG_5454The air had dropped to about 600 foot; the track was killer so we threw everything at dragster. This was a stellar pass from both teams; side-by-side all the way, this is what drag racing is all about. Shane was in the habit of pedaling the dragster and he automatically did this for no reason (another 0.4 of a second off the throttle). The dragster ran hard and fast all the way and it was on a great number going threw the traps in 5.574 seconds at 253.52mph to Rob 5.638 @ 250.69mph. This was an extremely close race with the margin of victory to Shane of 1 one thousandths of a second, as like last years Top Alcohol Round against Rob also. We had done it, run back into the 5.5’s and on the way reset the track MPH record. What a way to finish the meeting winning after the problems we had suffered throughout the meeting. The team had done a great job, and was rewarded with this.

With the valuable data we have obtained from these meeting we hope to carry this onto the future meetings and hit our goal of resetting the National record before the end of our season.

Shane dedicated the win to his Dad (Richard Weston.)

We would like to thank Rod and his team at the Perth Motorplex, Track Crew & Steve Powell for a great racing surface all night and a well run event.

above pics courtesy of Dragsmedia – Phil Blondell

The next meeting is on November 28th – Coates Hire Nitro Thunder event We hope to see you all there supporting your local racer and our team.

Weston Racing couldn’t do this with out my hard working crew and my loyal sponsors, Darling Downs Drilling, Stewarts Pest Control, The Boat Business, Prompt Equipment Hire, Fuchs Oil and Pirtek Blackwater, his crew: Aidan Duncan, Mark Shorto, Brad Anstey, Troy Alford, Richard & Elaine Weston, Bob Marlow, Kayla Vogel, Karen Hildebrandt and junior crew Ben & Chris Duncan.

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Something New

What could it be, something radically new is coming to the Weston Racing camp this meeting.  Make sure you come on down to the track and find out what this could be and let us know your feed back.


Season Opener – 25th October 2014

Weston Racing Logo


treepeh-logoThe new season is upon us. The team has been working hard through the off season getting new parts, cleaning up some problem areas to make things on race day run smoothly.  We would like to welcome aboard Prompt Equipment Hire as a new sponsor for this season.

Saturdays Opening meeting wasn’t the best start to the season as the weather wasn’t very forgiving. Low temps and likelihood of rain was forecast in the afternoon.

First shakedown pass was scheduled for 3:55pm, we were in the staging lanes, about 2 pairs before it was our go, but the heavens opened up showering us in that lovely rain. This cancelled the remaining passes until the 6:00pm round.

IMG_5361The track staff did a great job drying the track but with the temps for the day around 20 degrees the track wasn’t going to be able to get very much heat into it.

For the 6:30pm pass we backed the car down a little and could only go out there and see what happened.  We had been suffering severe  tyre shake which we were trying to overcome.

The dragster sounded very strong in the burnout, everything looked ok and Shane was given the thumbs up to go.  It left the line hard with a .95 60 foot time but then started to shake and spin the tyres and Shane aborted the pass stopping the clock with a 11.94 @ 95.44mph.

IMG_5362Back at the pits the data collected was scrutinised and a plan for the next pass was implemented.  This qualified us in 5th place and we were up against the Top Qualifier Steve Aldridge’s T/D.

More power was taken out of the dragster on the startline as the track was only going to get colder.  Shane left with a good reaction time of 0.002 but yet again the dragster started to shake, Shane did a great job of catching this and pedalled the dragster to win a 5.96@242.58mph.  This would have us in a final, it was just a matter of waiting to see if this was the A or B final.


IMG_5363We were still having problems around the 60 foot mark with shaking and overpowering the track.  We made the B final and had Daniel Gregorini’s T/D.  This was going to be a good race as we both can run good numbers.

Maintenance and adjustments were done and we towed around for the final pass.  The track was getting cold and the temperature was dropping also.  This always makes tuning the car hard.

We did our normal routine and staged the dragster.  It left very hard carrying the front wheels past 60 foot then the back end stepped out, Shane pedalled the car and got it back under control and drove it out for a win, 7.14@225.56mph.  This wasn’t the prettiest of passes but he managed to get the win.

The team worked hard in the tricky cold conditions, but we will get on top of the tune up with more laps that we do and data we obtain.

We would like to thank Darling Downs Drilling, Pirtek Blackwater, Stewarts Pest Control, Prompt Equipment Hire, The Boat Business, Compressor Valve Services.  Without these companies we couldn’t be doing what we love.


Thanks to Phil @ dragsmedia for the pictures and onboard camera video’s.

The next meeting is on 15 November at the Perth Motorplex.  We hope to see you all there.

Weston Racing



Facebook Site – 1000+ likes

Well thank you to all our fans & followers. We have made it to 1000 likes. Please keep sharing. The season starts this Saturday at the Perth Motorplex. Hope to see you there.


Testing – Saturday/Sunday 12-13 October

Weston Racing will be on track this weekend testing out some new items to see if they can step-up to the every increase tough field of Top Alcohol cars in Australia.  We don;t expect any great numbers during this testing as its going to be a R & D day for the team to gather data for the coming season at the Perth Motorplex.

This data should help the team progress further in running consistant quick times this season, with maybe breaking the track record again and setting a new bench mark for the dragster class.

Please watch our Facebook site as this will be updated during the test on Saturday evening and Sunday with how the team is going.

Thanks again for your support and look forward to see you at the track this season.

Shane  🙂

Weston Racing…


Season 2014/2015 Racing Schedule Released

The new schedule has been released.  Below are the dates which we will racing.

Hope to see all our fans/supporters again this coming season.



Grand Final

Well it has come to the Grand Final event for the 2013-2014 season for Weston Racing.

With only a short turn around until this event (less than 2 weeks) the engine had to be stripped/checked and re assembled within 7 days just in case we needed parts or problems.

All the data was showing good and all safe after the meeting. Aidan studied to see where improvements could be found and a plan was made. We didn’t have time between the meeting to get all the fuel system changed, so we had to do this at the track. This was cutting it fine for the 3:30pm pass, so we decided just to stop and leave it alone for the first pass and then we had 2 hours until the 6pm compulsory qualifier.


The weather was cloudy,  hovering around the 26-28 degree mark. The track was looking great and the track crew have yet again done a great job with preparing it as usual. The first lap down the track recorded a 5.609 @ 249.60mph, which was looking good from the numbers we normally run around this time of the day.

After the pass the engine maintenance was done and we worked on finishing off the changes in the fuel system. This took a little longer than we thought and with only about 15 minutes before we had to be out for compulsory qualify, as Rob Pilkington and Shane where the first pairing. We finished and quickly fired up the car to check if this was going to work and still be ok. This was hard to see on the data so we just decided to refill the car and go out.

The car sounded real angry when Shane came through the tunnel to do his burnout. The track would have to be the best it has ever been all season, we just hoped the changes to make the engine more power on the hit of the throttle wasn’t going to be to much and over power the track. The dragster left like a rocket with a 0.90 second 60 foot time and was fast all the way getting to the end in 5.534 seconds @ 252.10 mph. Another personal Best for the team and a new Track Record also. This qualified us Number 1.

weston-140405(Photo Courtesy Phil Luyer – High Octane Photos)

All the data and engine was looked over and all was good for the Elimination round against Gregorini in his Top Doorslammer. When our class was scheduled to run there was a slight shower which stopped the racing and cooled the track down a lot. We were the next pair after the track crew dried the track, this was going to be a hard race, we didn’t think we were going to get down the track but we couldn’t do any changes to the car so we could only hope. The car left hard again, but then lost traction and stepped out sideways, Shane pedalled the car, straightened it up started the chase to catch Gregorini in the other lane. We just missed out winning running a 5.810 @ 247.93.

The team was still happy to finish the season on a high by running another personal best and track record as it shows we are heading in the right direction with the tune-up and we still have lots more to try next season to go even faster and quicker.

We finished the season in 3rd position behind Rob Pilkington and the winner Al McClure.

In the Westside Drag Racing Association Club championship we finished 1st.  Well done to all the teams that we have raced over this season.

We would like to thank all the dedicated crew over this season of racing. They have excelled every meeting with what ever has been thrown there way. Without these great people we wouldn’t be able to get the dragster on the track every lap. So thank  you ladies and gents.

Also to my sponsors Darling Downs Drilling, The Boat Business, Pirtek Blackwater, Compressor Valve Services and Stewarts Pest Control. With out there support we couldn’t run the car and attend the meetings as we have so please support them.

We will be working through out the off season stripping the car and doing chassis maintenance and coming up with some changes to the engine/fuel system also. So stayed tuned to the website and Facebook as we will be updating this during this time. Thanks again for following the team and we look forward to seeing you all again next season which starts around October 2014.

The Weston Racing Team!

Nitro Fury – March 22nd

Only three weeks have passed since the Westernational event.  There has been a lot of activity happening with the team since then.  The new heads needed to be serviced as they had done four meetings from new and the valve seats needed to be recut to keep them in good order.  A new oil pump was also required for the engine.

The spare heads needed to get some work done before we could race with these so they were sent to the Eastern States and only arrived back on the Wednesday before this event.  The crew spent a late night assembling the engine and getting it back into the chassis.

The Nitro Fury event was the second last event for our season.  The weather was looking good, low 30’s with a shower predicted for the morning.  No rain in the morning, but there was a strong easterly wind blowing all day which kept it humid most of the day and night.

IMG_3689First pass for the team was at 3:20pm.  We did a few changes to the car from last meeting to see if we could tame the tyre shake off the line.  This seemed to work andwe ran a 5.642 @ 246.57mph.  Unfortunately the strong easterly wind was pushing the dragster over towards the wall at the top end, when the chutes deployed they went over the wall, caught and ripped the chute.

The team was happy with the pass in the heat of the day and the changes we made seemed to lessen the tyre shake which was a step in the right direction.

For the compulsory qualifying round at 6.00pm we modified the ignition mapping a little more.  The dragster left harder with a 0.927 60 foot time running through with a 5.613 @ 250.69mph.  On deploying the chutes one chute failed snapping the line causing this to wrap around the good one.  This stopped it from blooming correctly.  Shane had to rely on the brakes to slow the dragster down from 400+kph otherwise he was heading into the sand trap at the end of the braking area.  He managed to pull it up staying out of the sand to the relief of the crew.

With this pass we qualified in 2nd position behind Alistair McClure.  First round we were matched up against Steve Aldridge’s AA/AP Chev.

IMG_3693We had been having transmission problems all day which we thought we had solved.  With the maintenance done for this round we decided to fire the car just to check the gears, but we had no second gear.  With 25 minutes until we had to be out on the track the team all pulled together and got the transmission out and stripped to find out what had failed to stop it from changing into gear.  We didn’t have very much time to try and resolve this and as we had run out of time and needed to be out in the staging lanes a patch job was done and the transmission put back into the dragster.   We had no idea if this would work so it was a nervous time for all the team.  We had to run better than a 5.75 to make the A final but if it didn’t change gear we would be out.  The dragster left hard again, all fingers were crossed for the first gear change! It worked, Shane drove the dragster straight down the track stopping the clock with a 5.623 @ 250.00mph.  This was good enough to put us in the A Final against Al McClure’s Altered.

A mad rush was made back the house to get spare parts so we could fix the transmission properly for the finals.  All was done within the time and as we were just about to tow out for the final a thunderstorm hit the Motorplex.  A downpour of rain saw the event called around 10:15pm as there was no way they could have the finals completed before 11.00pm.


With the changes that were made to tame the car on the start line it seems not to have hurt the overall performance or times.  The team feels we are heading in the right direction and we are hopeful to improve our personal best at the ‘Grand Final’ to be held on the 5th April.

Thanks to Darling Downs Drilling, Compressor Valve Services, Stewarts Pest ControlThe Boat Business and Pirtek Blackwater and his crew; Aidan Duncan, Mark Shorto, Brad Anesty, Troy Alford, Richard & Elaine Weston, Bob Marlow, Kayla Vogel and Karen Hildebrandt.

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Westernationals – Report

The biggest event for the season has arrived, the 43rd Westernationals.  The team is pumped and after the good results from the previous meeting we were expecting to start where the team left off.


A new clutch was placed in for this meeting and floaters all freshly ground up.  The first pass was going to be a little softer than our PB but we hoped to be around that.  The track was coming around a little but still need some rubber down on it which will only get better as the meeting progresses over the 3 days. (Photo Courtesy High Octane Photos – Phil Luyer)

First pass for the night was at 8:15pm but with a couple of delays we hit the track at 9:04 against Craig Glassby in his TA/FC.  The dragster left hard off the line shaking again at the top of first gear, but was a respectable time off the trailer a 5.62 @ 247 mph.


This was the only pass for tonight and we were scheduled back at 3:50pm Saturday.

Saturday morning the engine maintenance was done we headed around to the staging lanes.  With the weather at around 32 deg we knew the track would be a little greasy with the heat.  We left the car the same and added more fuel to the system to take a little power out of the engine.

The dragster left hard but we under estimate the track a little and it bogged the enginedown and didn’t allow the clutch to slip as much and went straight up in servere tyre shake, the worse the team has suffered whilst running in TA trim.  It shook that hard that parts fell off the car and shane rolled through for a 6.8 second pass.  No what the team was looking for.  In the pits the sump came off and everything in the bottom end checked to make sure nothing had come loose then the normal maintenance between rounds was done.

At 6:58 the next pass we changed a couple of things to see if we could settle the dragster down off the line.  Shane done his skid, reversed up and staged the dragster.  It left slower than normal but as he changed gear there was no drive, something had failed and rolled through the top end at 7.4 seconds with the team all disheartened.  The team had about 1.5 hours to service the car and find the problem before the last qualifying pass.

lenco-140301Back in the pits the dragster was jacked up and started to run through the gears to see if this was the problem.  Yes we had lost second gear for some reason.  The transmission (lenco) was pulled out and the guys started to strip this down to find out why this had lost drive in second gear.  It was revealed that a grub screw from the previous tyre shaking pass and came loose and fell out which in turn didn’t allow this to change.  This was replaced and the lenco placed back together and time was running out to get into the staging lanes for the final pass.  The team all pulled together and got this done and fired the car in the pits to check and this seemed to fix the problem, we have all gears again.  The dragster was fuelled up and lower and quickly towed to the staging lanes.

We were paired up against Rob Pilkington for this final shot at qualifying.  We are currently sitting in 5position and looking at improving on this if everything comes together.  We knew that the track has came around with the Fuel cars running and all the Doorslammers.  We stepped the dragster back up hoping that we could get back to our form of running hard and fast.

The dragster left great off the line with a 0.924 60 foot time, a little shake at the very top of first.  Shane shifted gear and just hoped it would change which it did. “It felt good and shifted gear so I just kept on the throttle waiting for the next shift point hoping it would also change into gear which it did so I just kept my foot hard down” said Weston.  Everything worked and it seemed like a good pass and the scoreboards came up with 5.565 @ 250.69mph which is only 3 thousandths slower than our personal best.  This has qualified the team in 3rd position only 0.054 from first person David Dequen in his E/AA Altered.

“I have to thank my hard working team today, there has been some trying times when things just didn’t happen the right way, but when needed the whole team pulled together and got the job done and made sure the Pirtek/Darling Downs Drilling dragster was back out on the track for every lap.  Kudos to all of them, especially Aidan Duncan whom is tuning the car from Central Queensland after he wasn’t able to fly due to back surgery a week before the event.” said Weston.

First Round of racing the team was pumped for a good days racing, but unfortunately Shane left early resulting in a red light (lose) so that ended the day for the team.

We will be back at the next meeting on Saturday 22nd March (Nitro Fury) at the Perth Motorplex for the local round of racing where we are still sitting 3rd on the points.

Compressor Valve Services, Darling Downs Drilling, Stewarts Pest Control, The Boat Business and Pirtek Blackwater and his crew; Aidan Duncan, Mark Shorto, Brad Anesty, Troy Alford, Richard & Elaine Weston, Bob Marlow, Kayla Vogel and Karen Hildebrandt.

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Westernationals Qualifying Schedules

All loaded and ready to head down the track tonight. Its going to be very sad this weekend Aidan is not coming racing as he has had back surgery. We are going to really miss you mate stay close to the phone for regular up dates. Its just not going to be the same without you Aidan Duncan :(((((((

The team is pumped for this weekends racing at the 43rd Westernationals. Its going to be a big weekend of racing over 3 days (Friday/Saturday/Sunday).
First qualifying pass for the team is scheduled Friday at 8:12pm WST

Hope to see you all there.


ANDRA Release – Westernationals

43rd Westernationals – Media Release

Media Release – 43RD WESTERNATIONALS – Aeroflow Sportsman – 28th February, 1st & 2nd March



Weston Racing is looking forward to the 43rd Westernationals – in the previous Top Alcohol Round in Perth Shane top qualified in his dragster by 3 thousandths of a second from Gary Phillips with a 5.562 @ 252.80mph (407kph). He got through to the to the semi-finals before losing to Craig Glassby.

“The engine still has a bit left in the old girl, and we hope to be straight back where we left off and maybe reset the record on the way” said Weston.

It’s going to be a tough field with all the competition class racing together, blown vehicles and natural aspirated vehicles will be competing to qualify in the field of 16. We assume there will be over 20 vehicles in this class.


We are hoping to go one better this year as we came runner up at this event last year.  The new combo seems to be working very well and the team seems to have a handle on it.

This event is held over the Labour Day long weekend so if you are at the track make sure you come down to see the team. We also have new ‘Race Face’ cards available to hand out for the people collecting them.

Thanks to all my sponsors; Compressor Valve Services, Darling Downs Drilling, Stewarts Pest Control, The Boat Business and Pirtek Blackwater and his crew; Aidan Duncan, Mark Shorto, Brad Anesty, Troy Alford, Richard & Elaine Weston, Bob Marlow, Kayla Vogel and Karen Hildebrandt.

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Pro Showdown – Eliminations

Saturday 1st February – Eliminations

1486030_10151857875707676_1478544905_oAfter a full on night of racing the sump was dropped and everything checked at the end of the meeting.  All was excellent and was all placed back together again in preperation for the first round.  We race Rob Pilkington in the Funny Car which is going to be a very close race.

The weather for Saturday was warm around 28 degrees, but there was a strong wind blowing down and across the track, which makes it tricky between the 600 – 1000 foot mark.

IMG_665We choose the left lane again but as we watched the Doorslammers and the first pairs of Alcohol cars going down the track we made the hard decision to swap lanes.  No one in the left lane was getting down the track.  Aidan had the hard decision to tell Pilkington that we were swapping lanes.  We made sure we gave them plenty of time to make changes if they needed too.

We knew that Rob was going for it on this pass so we had to make sure everything was right, Shane staged the dragster and the tree counted, leaving with a 0.171 to Rob’s 0.173.  Shane suffered tyre shake again which moved him out of the groove which in turn made the dragster turn hard towards the wall.  Shane done a great drive and recovered the dragster and got it back in the groove and ran down Rob at the finish line with a 5.641 @ 244.56mph to Rob’s 5.669.

round1-140201 round1-140201a

We made it through that round by 3 hundredths or 3 metres approximately.

Semi Finals time, we didn’t have lane choice and we knew we would be in the left lane.  This lane has been a little average all day and it was going to be hard to get down without shaking the dragster to bits.  We took some power out of the engine to try and soften up the top of first gear.

IMG_3221Craig had the right lane but 2 pairs before us their was a big oil down in the left lane.  This just added to the problem in the left lane but there wasn’t anything we could do, so Shane just had to do his best and hope that he could get the dragster down the track.

The dragster left with a 0.937 60 foot, looked like it was going to get through the shake zone but then shook violently with Shane doing a quick pedal and short shifted gears.  This settled down the shake but then he short shifted into top gear not allowing the engine to rev up and the clutch pulled the engine down and driving through this.  5.726 to Glassby’s 5.768 winning on a holeshot by 0.012 of a second.

Congratulations to John Cannuli in taking the first win for the championship round against Craig Glassby.

At the end of the day we managed to do another Personal Best ET & MPH and also take out the track record which has been sitting for nearly 10 years for ET and 7 years for the MPH.



 Photo’s Courtesy Phil Luyer – High Octane PhotosJon Gall – Jon Gall Photography, Phil Blondel – Dragsmedia

Pro Showdown Qualifying

Friday Qualifying – 31st January

A strong field showed for the first round of the Top Alcohol Championship, with a number of Eastern States teams making the trip across the country. 12 teams were trying to make the field of 8.


The first session was at 5:30pm – the track was ready and the teams were all out to hit the track.  We had the right lane first up and were the first pair out for the session.  The car was setup as we had left off from the last meeting.  The team did their normal routine and Shane staged the car.

On the pass we had tyre shake at the top of first gear which Shane was able to drive through by shifting gears.  He ran through with a 5.624@251.39mph pass which the team was happy with as it was only a hundredth slower than our best time.

After the first session we were No 1 qualifier as the other teams struggled with the track conditions.

After each pass all teams had to tow back through scrutineering for weight checks which takes away time for maintenance between the rounds.  The engine was checked and everything was all good.  The next pass was scheduled at 7:30pm.  This time around we were in the left lane so we left the tuneup as it was.


This pass we ran nearly identical times as the previous lap, 5.625 @250mph.  We still had shake at the top of first gear which we had to try and adjust the tuneup to over come this.   At the end of this session the qualifying order was Gary Phillips 5.565, Craig Glassby 5.615, John Cannuli 5.615 and Shane’s 5.624 rounding out the top 4.

The field was tightening up with Aaron Deery’s 5.791 on the bump spot.

Before the final session at 9:30pm we were paired up against Gary Phillips.  Shane has always wanted the privilege to race against the 16 time Champion.  Phillips chose to be the last pair in the session.  As the other teams were running we were getting bumped down the field and were sitting 6th.  This was still an outstanding achievement for the team but with the air cooling down we thought we could go for it as we had nothing to lose.  We pulled up to where we fire the car and we noticed that Phillips had decided not to run.  We had a solo pass.  We took our time and made sure everything was right as we wanted the best opportunity to run a high 5.5 second pass.


The dragster left the line very hard getting to 60 foot in 0.921 seconds, if we could get past the top of first gear without shaking it was going to be on a mission.  The team were all holding their breath.  It seemed to get past that point and was hauling down the track stopping the timers at 5.562 seconds at 252.80mph(407kph).  (Another personal best for the team).  We were all ecstatic/shocked as we hadn’t expected to jump that much.  We had to wait as we knew Phillips pass was also a 5.56 and it would come down to the thousands to whom would top qualify.  We heard the commentators, we had top qualified by 3 thousands of a second.

“It’s overwhelming; I still don’t believe it at the moment,” said Weston. “All my crew have worked so hard to get where we are. “For my team, what parts and knowledge we have its awesome, we haven’t got a big bank balance. We’re running the car on all our spares right now. We haven’t got any big sponsors but we hope to get some so we can do the full series, but at the moment it’s just the local rounds.”

“On the actual run I just have to take it as it comes. I’m racing against all the big guys and if I take it as it comes I’ve got a chance and that chance just happened to pay off. “I’m not trying to reinvent the world but it’s coming quicker than I expected.”

Phillips 5.565 was a narrowly second, followed by John Cannuli, Craig Glassby and Adam Marchant (all on 5.61s), Steve Ham (5.65) and Debbie O’Rourke (5.71). The field was bumped by Rob Pilkington’s 5.75.


Photo’s Courtesy Phil Luyer – High Octane Photos, Jon Gall – Jon Gall Photography, Phil Blondel – Dragsmedia

Media Release – ANDRA Top Alcohol Round 1 – 31st January

[spiderpowa-pdf src=””]Media Release – Weston Racing – 140121

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Nitro Max – 10/11 January

This event is the half way mark of our season.  Currently we are sitting 3rd in the local championship.  This event we had qualifying on Friday and Saturday.  With the predicted hot weather 40+, this was going to make for very tricky conditions for all the teams racing.

The Friday qualifying pass at 6:45pm the dragster left the line strong but at 3.3 seconds it seems to of dropped a intake valve, bent inside the head and hammered the valve seat out which went throughout the manifold into the other cylinders causing damaged.  It still ran a respectable time of 5.78 @ 230mph, but the team had a lot of work ahead.  We had to miss the second qualifying pass that night and rebuild the engine replacing rods, pistons, and get the new heads all setup to change out the damaged ones.


The team all pulled together working through to the early hours of the morning getting the engine back together so we could make the final qualifying pass on Saturday.  The team done well and at 3pm we finally fired the car up and all was good.

Saturday the temperature was 44 degrees and the track got to a maximum of 69 Deg C which the track crew done a great job during the day in looking after, so at 6pm there was a good surface to race on.

The plan for this pass was to have more fuel delivered to the engine to make sure everything was all good.   Shane done his normal routine burnout and staged the dragster.  It left hard and had a little shake and Shane short shifted into second.  This slowed the car but then recovered and ran the second half of the track hard.  The team was very surprised with the time that showed up, 5.69 @ 247.93mph, all there hard work had paid off.

After the pass the engine was checked and the data showing everything was good.  If we to make the finals we had to win the next round and run a 5.65 or better.  The tune-up was changed back a little taking out the added fuel from the previous lap.  The track had come around with the cooling air temperature of 34 deg at 9:00pm.

The dragster sounded all good throughout the burn-out, the all clear was given for Shane to stage the dragster.  He launched the dragster hard but a red light (-0.044) hitting all the shift points on the run stopping the timers at 5.61 @ 250.69mph a new personal best for the team but lost the race.

Next event is the Top Alcohol Round 31st January & 1st February which the team now has data for the times which are need to be competitive for this class.

Thanks to Darling Downs Drilling, The Boat Business, Pirtek Blackwater, Compressor Valve Services, Stewarts Pest Control and all of my crew.  Also thanks to everyone that is supporting us in our journey.

Night of Fire – December 28th

We hope everyone had a great and safe Christmas.


This meeting we had the Data logger repaired and the battery replaced so we should be able to get data on the runs again.  The first Qualifying pass at 3:20pm we left the setup as it was from the previous meeting night pass.  The track temp was approaching the 123 degree F, with the sun on it all day also made for tricky conditions around this time.  We knew the car would get down the track or smoke the tyres at the hit of the throttle.

The later happened and the car left ok, had a little wheel spin and shake at the top of first gear again but not as bad as we have been experiencing prior.  Shane ran down the 1/4 mile in 5.81 seconds at 243mph which was ok in the conditions and gave the team some data to work with for the next round.

shane-131228aThe Compulsory Qualifier at 6:15pm we were paired against Daniel Gregorini in his Top Doorslammer.  Track conditions had cooled down and the air had come around a bit.  With the track cooling and starting to get shade we new we could tweak the tune up just a little.  The car left hard with a 0.947 – 60 foot time running through with a personal best for this new engine combo of 5.718 @ 245.23mph.  With this pass, we managed to be the Top Qualifier for this meeting.

All the hard work the team placed in during the last meeting was worth seeing these numbers come up on the board.

First round 8:15pm against Pino’s Top Doorslammer, the dragster left hard and had a little tyre shake. With the tyre shake that we have been having over the last meetings, we think that we had damaged the burst panel, cracking or weakening so slightly that we couldn’t see.


Then on this pass, as the boost pressure came up to around 38psi this just peeled open the top half of the panel losing all the power to the engine was lost. We rolled through with a 7 second time losing to Pino’s 6.36 second pass. At the end of the day we learnt more, obtained more data for this new combo and ran another Personal Best.

The team could not be happier.

Thanks to all our hard working crew as these are the people behind the scene making sure we get the car turned around and back onto the track all the time.

We wish everyone a safe and a Happy New Year.  Next meeting is the  10-11 January – Nitro Max(Top Fuel/Top Bike)We would also like to thank all our sponsors, Darling Downs Drilling, The Boat Business, Stewarts Pest Control, Pirtek Blackwater, Compressor Valve Services.

Photo’s Courtesy of Phil Luyer – High Octane Photo’s

Pre Christmas Update

Friends came over for a pre Christmas get together with their kids. They both wanted to help Shane out with the finishing touches on the race car, helping with putting the panels, bolts/nuts etc on and then finishing off polishing the whole car for him before they wanted to have some photo’s before for the next meeting on Saturday 28th December.

Merry Christmas to all our Crew, Family, Fans and other competitors.