Maintenance for 28th December Meeting



Maintenance – Block





Car was unloaded after the previous meeting and the engine has been completely stripped down and checked. The crank was sent away to get crack tested at Applied Automotive’s and was given the all clear.

Gearbox has been serviced and clutches replaced and re-setup and placed back into the dragster. The guys have spent the weekend servicing the heads and getting them ready to bolt back on to the block.






Maintenance – Rocker Gear



The rest of the engine will be assembled over the next few days and all loaded up ready for racing on the 28th December at the Perth Motorplex – NIGHT OF FIRE – USA JET DRAGSTERS. Qualifying from 11am to 6pm when Eliminations start.  We should be out around 2.30pm, 6.00pm, 8.00pm and if you make the finals around 10.00pm.

We hope to see you all down there.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our fans.


Nitro & Fire Meeting Report


This event was a 2 day meeting.  Weather wasn’t looking to good at the beginning with rain through the morning, but this cleared up for a short time. During friday nights qualifying we managed to get 1 pass in before the event was called for the night.

The team worked hard with the short turn around time before meetings, but as we damaged the clutch from last meeting and the parts not arriving in time we had to run with the old clutch.  This was the first time we have ran this clutch with the new engine combo so we were back to square one with that.  We talked with the crew chief and the team came up with a plan.

Shane staged the dragster and launched, everything worked well.  The dragster got off the line and drove down the track stopping the clock at 5.91 @ 241 mph which was the time we were expecting for the shakedown pass with that clutch.


We had some data to work with so maintenance was done to get ready for the next pass in about 2 hours time.  Some changes to the clutch to make it lock up a little harder and then we were just waiting for the scheduled time to be out for the last pass of the night.  But the heavens opened up and the call came through to say the event for tonight has been cancelled with a revised schedule for tomorrows racing.

Saturday was going to be a little better weather wise well a couple of showers during the day but mostly fine.  Our first pass today was 3:30pm.  The air was around 1500 foot so we left the clutch tune up in the car from last night and adjusted for the weather in the fuel system.  The car  sounded better on this pass, but when Shane was performing his burnout it shook the fuel line loose. So it was a rush to stop the fuel leaking out while he was reversing up we tightened up the hose fitting all while trying not to hold Al up in the other lane.  We managed to do this and not hold anyone up and Shane staged the car.  The car left hard and shook a little at the top of first gear but Shane managed to drive through this and drove it out the back door stopping the clock at 5.747 @ 246mph.  This was a personal best for the team with the 246.57mph.  The team had finally ran another 5.7 pass which has eluded them for sometime.

Compulsory Qualifying pass at 6:00 we left the tuneup the same as the previous pass to see if we could back up the times from the previous run.  As we were having problems with the data logger not recording the pass we didn’t want to change to much without data to look at.  Shane did his normal burnout and reversed the car and staged.  The dragster hit the start line hard with a 0.946 60foot time and running 5.740 @ 245.90mph.

This had us qualified in 3rd position and up against Paul Carey in his RX7.  With the indexing system we had about a 1 second wait on the tree before Shane could go.  Shane had to win this race and run around a 5.7 second to be in the fast 4 cars for the final’s.  Paul red lit with a -0.020 reaction handing the win to Shane but we still had to run a fast pass.  This wasn’t the best of passes with a little bit of tyre shake but the time was the quickest for the meeting with a 5.73 @ 245.23mph.  Shane done a great driving job.


Finals was against Al McClure BB/FC again.  This is always a very hard race.  The race track was the best its been and the air was good also.  We left the tuneup the same again but the dragster shook violently at the top of first gear, Shane shifted to second and lost traction and started to smoke the tyres ( it also just started to rain a little which might of caused this) and got a little sideways, Shane aborted the pass as the race was over and its not worth risking damaging the equipment.

Overall this was a great result for the team coming runner up again.  We have made the finals 2 times out of 3 meetings, which has placed us 3rd in the Track Championship points.  12.5 points behind Rob Pilkington and 45 points behind Al McClure.

The next meeting is 28th December.  We hope you can make it down to the track for this event.  Merry Christmas and we hope that Santa brings you what you ask for.

!! Go Hard or Go Home !!

Photo’s courtesy of Phil Blondel(Dragsmedia) & Phil Luyer(High Octane Photos)

Nightfire Jets – Report

This meeting was all about testing and getting more data for the car for the up coming Top Alcohol round in a few months.

First pass of the day was around 2:25pm, was a hot sunny day.  Track temperature was approaching 130 deg F which made for tricky conditions.  Shane did his normal routine and staged the car.  The car left a little soft but then around 150 foot out shook very hard and he aborted the pass and rolled through.

Maintenance was done between rounds and we were chasing an electrical problem also.  We had this solved on the stands in the pits so we headed around for the compulsory qualifying pass.  As Shane staged the car all the instrument panels died.  Shane staged the car and had to just go by the sound of the engine for the launch rpm that he needed.  Launched the car and guessed the shift points down the track for a 6.02 pass.  No what we were hoping for but under the circumstances was respectable.

We tried again to find where this electrical gremlin was and tried something different for the first round.  Clutch was replaced, engine maintenance was done and we headed back out around 8pm.  We had a solo pass as Pino had problems and couldn’t make the round.  Everything was working this pass but around 200 foot out the car lost all drive and coasted through for the win.  As we are not one of the quickest 4 winners so we are out.

More data has been obtained and the crew are all learning more and more after every pass.  We will be back again in 2 weeks trying again to make the finals.



Nightfire – Jets

Well 3 weeks to get the car ready. We have replaced the piston rings, rods, sleeves in the bores. The clutch has had the discs machined and the gearbox has a new sprag. Cant wait for the weekend, fast times here we come fingers crossed.

Aidan is flying in tomorrow from his home town in Queensland  so have to pick him up from the airport. Then off to get a new drum of Brad Penn oil.

Grand Opening

Well the last 3 weeks the car has been fully stripped and rings replaced. The new sprag had not arrived so we have to use the borrowed one. The main problem Weston Racing has is spare parts. We have very limited parts in stock as we don’t have the financial backing that we need to run on the professional level that we want to run in. We try really hard, and hope we do our sponsors  proud. We try and betray ourselves as professional as we can on the budget that we have.

Well this meeting was new to all competitors as it is the start of the new indexing system. It is now running off track records not national records. But this also has a twist if you are running in group 1 meaning Top Alcohol or Top Door Slammer your index has a bonus 10th. So basically TA/D which is our class the track record is 5.58 with the extra 10th the index will be 5.68. But if we were running in are old class AA/D which is a group 2 class the track record is 5.56 so the index would be 5.56 as only group 1 cars get the extra 10th.

So with all that out the way it’s time to go racing. We decide to do the early round of qualifying at 2.50pm.  We have not even run a full pass yet but today is all about getting more data. Reaction time 0.040 not bad, his got the air gap in the clutch set up right this assists in his reaction. 6.017 to 1000ft they are happy with that.

6.00pm CQ

img_1310264Still no  full track pass yet so here goes we decided to pair up with Murray O’Connor as we are worried about the amount of fuel we are using on a run. With not having done a full track pass we wanted to be sure we had enough fuel. We let Murray do his burnout first and then we proceeded to do ours, Shane stages and 0.20 reactions and runs a 6.040 not a good time but it’s all about the data.  The data came up good so we decide keep running.

8.00  1st round seen us up against Beg’s he was having problems he asked us to hang back in the staging lanes to give him time to get his funny car back together. As we were uncertain about the fuel situation we decided again to hang back while Beg’s did his burnout Shane did a really short sharp one. He staged & 0.153 reaction but run through with a win and a 5.865 time now that’s getting better.

We thought we would at least get into the B final but when the bracket marshal came round we had actually gotten in the A final. Wahoo we were now pumped.

image10.00pm finals we were up against Al McClure.

Shane had him on the tree 0.024 to a slow 0.122 from McClure. Shane run a 0.960 to 60 ft and run 5.848 pass to a winning 6.389 to McClure congratulations to the McClure team and a fantastic effort from the Weston Racing team.

We would like to thank the guys.

Aidan Duncan, Mark Shorto, Brad Anstey, Jaidan Marlow, Troy Alford, Richard Weston,

And the girls Kayla Vogel, Karen Hildebrandt, Elaine Weston.


Darling Downs Drilling, Especially Warren for the loan of the hot Rod for the tow car.

Compressor Valve Service,

Stewarts Pest Control,

Pirtek Blackwater

The Boat Business


Pre-Season 2013/2014

Weston Racing has had a tuff off season. Towards the end of August we planned our usual pre season  BBQ.  This was a huge success with everyone enjoying there relaxing evening.

With Shane turning 21 at the start of the season we had also planned a surprise party. So with getting the team, car everything organised for racing, plus organise the party it was a huge couple of months.

_X5A0229We have also gained a new crew member Troy Alford. Troy is a qualified motor mechanic and just lives down the road. Troy’s job is the gearbox and clutch. So we have been busy teaching Troy his new role with the Weston Racing team.

We have also been planning our new comb. With a lot of help from family and friends we have been able to purchase a new PSI Supercharger and new Eastwest 9″ clutch.

The car was due for its biannual Tech inspection.  We got the car together and had that done as we are unable to pay Shane licence until it was complete.

The car was then brought back home and restriped so we could ready for the new parts to come.

img_1310262Late in September the supercharger and clutch arrived so now the hard work would start to get everything fitted. We had to wait an extra week for the new fuel system to arrive.

Once the fuel system arrived we had to plumb it up, we needed to purchase new lines and fitting so off to CMP for the new bits we needed. We managed to get nearly everything done.  The last minute finishing touches were going to have to be done at the track.

What a month its been, a huge effort from the Weston Racing team to get the  job done we couldn’t do it with out the support from you guys your AWESOME A BIG HUGE THANK YOU.


Test ‘n’ Tune 12 – 13 October 2013

Well a huge day ahead. Shane’s birthday, his 21st is today but racing is first on the agenda.

The car hasn’t been finished yet with still the fuel system to be completed.

We weren’t in any hurry as we didn’t want anything to be over looked.  Around 1pm it was time to fire it up. First pop, she goes a huge sigh of relief from the team. Now they had to set the idle this was going to take a few hours as it had to be done correctly else Shane would not be able to stage.

20131103-205317.jpgAt around 4.30 it was time to go out on the track and do a burn out and a 60ft pass. This was so Aidan could to see how the car was going to perform and how the temps would be in each of the cylinders. This is extremely important as if we had the set it up too lean then it all could go bang.

Well it was perfect the burnout, stage, a 0.008 reaction pretty good for his first time in a long time of swapping feet.  60ft was 0.949 not too bad, they were happy with that. The car came back, data downloaded and all was good. A little more adjusting of the idle as Shane was not quite happy with it.

The car was breathing from the spew tank as the pistons rings weren’t the best and there was blow by. So basically the oil was going past the rings and blowing out into the spew tank.

A couple of hours later back out for another run. This time it was to be a half track pass. Once again we were being cautious, we did not want anything to go wrong.

Again another great reaction time 0.079, The car got out the groove and the back end went a little  side ways not good for the heart rate but all good.   The 60 ft time was also great better than we had expected 0.940. But the gearbox didn’t seem quite right. So Shane decided to pull it out and make sure it was ok. Unfortunately the sprag had let go. With the car producing a lot more horse power it was time to be replaced. We didn’t have one in stock it was on order but hadn’t arrived in time. So we were lucky enough to be able to borrow one to get us through the next day. So the rest of the evening was used to get the gearbox stripped and rebuilt ready for day two of testing.

Once the gearbox was complete it was time for dinner and birthday cake. Kayla had the cake made, it was a Christmas tree (drag racing lights) it was great. Shane had a fantastic day of racing and a great 21t birthday. Now home to bed.


Day 2 of testing we prepared the car for the days racing. The sump was pulled off and they made sure the bearings were ok. They were like brand new so the boys were happy and the car was put back together. Oil was cleaned from the back of the car as the blow by was even worse by now. There was nothing we could do other than top the oil up and make sure we changed the rings for the Grand Opening.  At around 2.15pm we were ready for another run this time Shane was told to run to 1000ft.

img_1310261Reaction time was a little slow 0.292 he must have had a nap on the line. 60ft was better 0.935 so we were improving with each pass. He run 6.855 to 1000 ft, they were happy with that, but the belt had been moving all weekend it had been catching on the crank trigger  and on this pass it hasn’t  broken but it has shredded itself. So we need to order a new one.  All the data showed that there were no problems so after 2 days of testing we had some data to play with and a base line to work with.

Now its back home pull it all down check everything out to make sure there is no damage and get ready for the grand opening in 3 weeks.

Hi Lowlights Part 2 – 2012 Season

Dec 2nd & 3rd Top Fuel Championship


Well everything that could go wrong did.

After the last meeting we had severe head damage so this needs to be repaired first.

With Richard working away everything was left to Shane and Elaine to organize. You would think by now it would be straight forward to load the trailer WRONG. So many things just got forgot and left behind good job is was a 2 day meet.


After Shane and Kayla set up the Annex’s we got the car ready to start. Batteries were fully charged but the car would not start.
After checking the battery in the car it was showing it was fully charged but it had dropped cells. So we needed to purchase another battery, Lucky Mark our engine guy sells batteries at his work The Boat Business. So we were able to get the car going but not until Sat morning.
Saturday new battery starts first pop as usual.

1st qualify for the day 5.97 @ 233mph the team were not real happy with this time we were hoping to be at least in the 80’s
The data showed we were having a fuel issue. After making some adjustments we were ready to do our 2nd qualify 5.93 @ 236mph. This was a little better we seem to be going in the right direction.

1st Round
Seen Shane up alongside Pino Priolo. Shane pulled a 0.17 reaction to Pino’s 0.21 reaction and with a 5.94 @ 233mph Shane getting the win.
Unfortunately due to the index system which we run under this was not fast enough to get into to an A final or even a B final we need to run a mid to low 5.8 sec pass to be fast enough.

Dec 26th Boxing Day Jet Dragsters

Due to still having a tune up issues we severely damaged the head again. We need to get on top of this issue and fast.
Not the usual really hot day thank goodness.
Richard is home so all is good.

1st Qualify 5.92 @ 234mph we must be on the right track.

2nd Qualify was right on track 5.84 @ 237mph
We must be getting it right now.

1st round we are up against Daniel Gregorini. This is going to be a tuff race as Daniel is good on the tree. Both cars do the burnout Shane peels smoke off the tyres.

Shane reverses back does his usual checks and proceeds to stage. But unfortunately one of the new crew guys damaged a seal when putting the rocker cover on and oil was pumping out the spark plug hole. So therefore Shane had to be shut down. As it was too dangerous to proceed with the run.

Weston Racing would like to thank you there sponsors for all you continued support.

Compressor Valve Services

Stewarts Pest Control

Darling Downs Drilling

Sutton Auto Electrics

The Boat Business


Season Highlights

October Test n Tune
October 16th Day 1

Saturday: – We had changed the car quite considerably; this was so Shane could get his Group 1 Top Alcohol license.
We have removed the 2 step, which means when Shane leaves the line he has to swap feet, just as you would in your car. Before we removed the 2 step he would hold both feet flat to the floor and just let off the clutch.
Now he has to manually get the rev’s up before he goes into stage.
This has proved to be a problem as the car was only set up for using the 2 step, so removing it has now caused an electrical issue with car, which we did not realize until later on Sunday.
It has also changed the way in which the supercharger works by producing less boost on the start line. We have gone from 43PSI to 12PSI. This now means that when the car takes off it is extremely lazy.
We produced some very average times
– 6.024 @ 235mph
– 6.014 @ 234mph
This was not going to be good enough to obtain his Group 1 Top Alcohol license.

October 17th Day 2

Sunday: – After changing several things in the car we still had an electrical issue. Although the car seemed to perform a little better, we still weren’t quite sure but stuck by our data.
We managed to run a 5.83 @ 239.36mph.
This was good enough to get the Group 1 Top Alcohol license. He is now the youngest Group 1 license holder in Australia.

Grand Opening
October 29th

Saturday: -During the 2 week break between the Test and tune and the Grand Opening the car was stripped back. We removed all the wiring, took the 2 step module off the car and replaced it with an 8973 box, this is like minicomputer. Although the car was stripped we still had the issue of 12PSI boost on the line. The only way to fix this problem is to take the Rootes Supercharger off and replace it with a PSI Supercharger.
This will also stop eliminate revving the car as high as 10700RPM and damaging parts.

1st Qualify
We missed the 1st Qualifier as the 8973 box was not working properly. So the boys fixed the problem and we were ready for 6pm.

2nd Qualify
At 6pm we pulled up alongside Adam Marchant he was running TAD specs we were running AAD. Shane was 1st out but at about ½ track he hit some oil and got out of the groove. He went a little sideways so therefore he lifted and forfeited the race. Lucky it was only a compulsory qualify.

1st Round
We lined up against Robin Judd. Judd had something to prove as Shane had won against him the last time they met in a final.
Judd asked Shane what his plan was, Shane told him you do your burn out first then stage and I will follow. Judd went into pre stage Shane followed. Shane waited for Judd to fully
Stage, but he just sat there it seemed like an eternity. Judd was playing games knowing we didn’t have the 2 step. Judd finally went into stage, Shane followed. The lights counted down Shane RED lights going too early he was just too anxious. Oh well better luck next time.

Golden States (Top Alcohol )

The 2 weeks leading up to this event were very stressful once again everything was pulled apart. The gear box seemed to have some damaged shims. We didn’t have time to purchase any, so we managed to borrow them off Murray O’Connor. The clutch was also extremely warn so we purchased some frictions from Jeff Clarke.
The engine was not quite right either; No. 2 cylinder was staying cold this was due to
the lack of boost on the start line. We fitted a new conrod in cylinder 2 and had the heads serviced. Shane usually does this himself but the valve seat needed cutting.

November 18th Day 1

Friday: – The 8973 box was not working correctly we finally managed to figure out what was wrong we fixed it; it was just a bad earth. After re-starting the car everything seemed ok.

Westernationals Update

Westernationals update.
The Westernationals was a very valuable learning curve. This is one meet that we just can’t seem to win (Maybe next year).

We once again had head damage on the Saturday. The boys were up most of the night servicing and fixing the heads. We had some second hand valves, collets and locks, so the boys fixed the seats as best as they could. They reassembled the heads using the second hand parts, something we don’t like doing but had no choice.
While all this was happening at home Richard was at the track cleaning and dismantling the bottom end, getting ready for Sunday morning rebuild.
Everything seemed fine on Sunday when all was re assembled, a huge job by the crew.

We managed to get through first round with a win so all was looking up. But second round we had to race John Mcsweeney in the Hogs Breath funny car. With the way the index system works Mcsweeney was almost at the finish line before Shane’s side of the tree counted down. One of our boys calculated that we would have had to run a 5.50 second pass to even be close to beating Mcsweeney. So basically that was the end of that.
The following Tuesday we had a team meeting and agreed to see the rest of the season out. The reason behind this is money. At the start of the season we had a planned maintenance regime. But unfortunately this did not happen due to funding being cut.
As you can imagine parts need to be replaced to keep running the numbers we need to do to win. We were told by our engine reconditioners before we went to the winters, that the bore’s were out of round. They said this would cause a lack in performance . Well it seems they were correct a combination of the computer, electrical and the bores it affects everything.

The scenario.
We have ordered a set of fatter sleeves. These will allow us to bore the block to get it true again. Then we can use the same size pistons.
We have also noticed that the lifter bores will need to be sleeved as the lifters have been smashing the cam. The new pistons have cracks in them so they are now in the bin.
So for us to be back on track and be competitive we need to have a major rebuild. We need to replace the pistons, cam, lifters, valves, valve springs, plus re sleeve the lifter bore. Cost $8500 -$9500.
If we had done the maintenance throughout the season, instead of trying to make things last then this may not have occurred. But this boils down to lack of funds.

Targeting Top Alcohol

IMG_86831Shane Weston will be competing in his first ever Top Alcohol event next weekend, November 18/19.

The second round of the ANDRA Pro Series Top Alcohol championship is coming to Perth and with it the opportunity for Shane to become the youngest competing driver in the series.

“We’re really looking forward to taking on some of the big guns of the sport,” Shane said. “We’ll just try and be consistent and with the level of competition coming over we would be happy just to make the field.”

Included among those Shane will be competing against are many times Australian champion Gary Phillips and current champion Wayne Newby, as well as all the tough WA competitors.

Weston Ready To Race

IMG_9589Australia’s fastest teenager Shane Weston is entering this weekend’s Perth Motorplex Grand Opening on October 29th full of optimism after successfully upgrading his Unlimited Drag Racing Licence (UDL) to Group 1 (GOL) status.

The opening event is not only an opportunity to mix it with some of the best supercharged drag racers in the country, but also to hone his skills in preparation for his first ever entry into ANDRA Pro Series Drag Racing at the following event as a now fully licensed Top Alcohol racer.

Weston licensed last weekend at the Perth Motorplex over two days of testing.

The team’s first lap after the winter break was a 6.02 @ 235.60mph (379mkh), followed by a 6.01 @ 234.37mph (377kmh) in Saturday’s warm weather.

Weston commented “We worked hard to get some very important laps in today which was crucial towards getting our Top Alcohol license. The car felt good, and it was great to be back in it again. We have changed the old 2-step set up we used to run which would leave the car on full throttle to suit Top Alcohol, and now I have to bring the revs up which was different to get used to, but all in all it was a good day.”

Then Sunday, they returned and put down another 6.02, followed by a Top Alcohol licensing 5.837 @ 239.36mph (385kmh).

“We are just so happy to get licensed for Top Alcohol. When we were in Queensland, we had some assistance from fellow racer Jamie Noonan in his immaculate workshop. We race as a family, and to go all that way and get such friendly help is what our sport is all about. I am just so happy to be licensed now in what is a great family sport.”

Weston will be competing in K Trans Top Comp this Saturday night before preparing for the 40th annual Goldenstates where he will be competing in ANDRA Pro Series Top Alcohol. They will try and run the Westernationals and the Winternationals are also booked. The team are currently seeking local and corporate sponsors come on board.

The Beginnings

At the tender age of 15 months Shane Weston received his first car. A battery operated Jeep. With a little help from Mum (Elaine) & Dad (Richard) he drove it everywhere.

Shane’s Dad then put his spare time into building a 1934 Junior Ford Hot Rod. This was the start to Shane’s obsession with cars and racing. He attended many shows including Motorvation & the Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular winning quite a few trophies. Over many years he was able to drive his hot rod in the Channel 7 Christmas Pageant. The hot rod was Shane’s pride and joy he even showed it to Victor Bray at Motorvation one year.  Victor told him to never paint it, leave it black, which he did.

In Shane’s spare time he would tinker in his little garden shed spending hours pulling apart then rebuilding Briggs & Stratton and Honda engines. We would be inside watching TV and would hear another engine start up and would often laugh at the mess he would make. But every time he would get the engine back together and running. Over many years all he wanted for birthdays & Christmas was new tools.

For Motorvation one year Shane and his Dad built a motorised bar stool. It had 3 seats and a Honda motor in it that Shane had built. This bar stool got changed over the years. At one stage we were driving around with Neil Anderson’s front end off the Ford Customline. We won many trophies for crazy cruiser award. We even had Richey Howlet on the back while we were driving down the strip, he was doing his commentating for Motorvation. We even got in Street Machine with the bar stool.

In 1999 Shane was 7 years old he wanted to race.  We inquired with ANDRA about purchasing a miniature Funny Car but were told quite sternly, “no way it will never be allowed”.  We tried to convince Shane to trying other sports footy, cricket, motor cross, even golf (which he was very good at). But all he wanted was to race a drag car.

So at the 2000 Westernats we were down in the junior pits looking at dragsters. When we got home we made a decision to purchase one but the funds were tight. So Elaine & Richard decided to give up smoking.  With a lot of saving and determination we did it. By October 2000 we had purchased a dragster from Townsville. It needed a little TLC so Richard put his polishing skills into action and turned it into quite a nice car. This was what we called Shane’s learner car, we kept it for a couple of years and when we thought he was confident driving we decided to sell it and purchase a dragster from Motivational Tubing USA.

jdwestonWell what a car it was.  At the time it was considered one of the best junior dragster in the country.

Shane did really well with this car he won numerous awards – Westside Drag Racing Association’s Best New Vehicle, first time ever a Junior Dragster had won this award. Motorvation – best competition vehicle, best engine bay, best interior the list goes on. He also won the top qualifying medallion at the Westernationals. Throughout his JD career he won many local meetings and travelled every year to Sydney and the Winternationals in Queensland.

The last season Shane raced his JD he was 15.  A family decision was made to sell his car a year early because at the time we knew there were a number of other junior dragster racers who would be finishing their careers in junior racing and their cars would be up for sale.

After selling the JD Elaine was made redundant from her job of 20 years. She found another job straight away so she put her redundancy into purchasing our current car, a Top Alcohol Dragster.  We purchased the car from Adam Croker as just a roller. Richard’s idea was to save up and put a blown small block chev into it.

Well that didn’t happen within a couple of days of purchasing the dragster his Nanny & Grandad Davies came around home. His Nanny had decided that she wanted to see Shane race, so she was going to sell her house and give him the money to purchase the dragster outright. We were so shocked, his Nanny had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and her dream was to see Shane race this car.  Shane is her only grandson – he is her life.

We tried to talk her out of this huge decision but that was not an option she wanted to see that black dragster go down the track with him behind the wheel. So for the next year while Shane was waiting to get his driver’s license he crewed on the dragster while Adam drove it for the season.

Shane learnt everything from Adam and his wonderful crew. He also helped Adam out when Daniel Gregorini got his new doorslammer. Shane did the clutch for Daniel. Shane now does all his own engine work, gearbox, everything is all done in-house, at home.  Our thanks to Adam, for teaching him so well.

October 12 came, Shane turned 17 and he was straight to the Traffic office to get his street license. The following Saturday TnT was the first time he got in the dragster.  First pass out on the track he stalled, so we pushed him back for a restart.  He had never done a burnout before, so back out on the track he went more determined, he had heard a few people laughing at him, he was not going to give them the satisfaction. Perfect burn out and staging, the first part of his licence all signed off.  Next he had to stage and do a half track pass, the second part signed off.   Unfortunately time ran out that day so he would have to complete his licence at a later date.

Due to work commitments we were unable to attend any more TnT so we entered the Boxing Day meeting hoping that he would be able to complete licensing.

At the 3pm qualifying round we were allowed to tag on the end of the field.

Out he went, burn out perfect, staged no problem, and off, he stopped the clock at 6.05, not bad for a licensing pass and his licence was now all signed off.


Well back to the pits to strip everything down to get ready for racing and compulsory qualifying at 6pm.

Well who should we pull up alongside, John Zappia. Shane’s first ever side by side pass was against the legend himself. Shane wasn’t at all nervous just eager to beat his opponent. Unfortunately it was a red light for Shane but he beat him to the finish line with a 5.90.  The crowd roared and cheered for Shane. It was a moment that we will never forget. From a mothers point of view it was a sigh of relief that the chutes came out. For quite some time Richard and Elaine had terrible butterflies every time Shane went out to race. Now it is just second nature, we know he is very confident and able to handle it.

Over the next couple of season’s Shane was named Australia’s Fastest Teenager. He had the Motorplex record for AA/D at 5.68 and quite a few wins under his belt. He also obtained his Group 1 license which at the moment makes him the youngest Group 1 racer in the country.

The plan now is to concentrate on getting a major sponsor and some spare parts for the engine. We would also like a spare engine and a PSI Supercharger, this will then enable Shane to race competitively in Top Alcohol.

Shane would like to sincerely thank his sponsors: Compressor Valve Services, Darling Downs Drilling, Stewarts Pest Control, The Boat Business and Pirtek Blackwater, and his crew: Mark Shorto, Roy Scott, Brad Anesty, Aidan Duncan, Richard & Elaine Weston & Nanny & Grandad, Kayla Vogel and Karen Hildebrandt.   They have helped him achieve what he has so far.

Top Fuel Challenge Event

The Top Fuel Challenge at Perth Motorplex on Saturday, 20 November, held eleven cars in the Top Comp bracket, all of who qualified under their personal indexes.

Qualification Rounds:

Shane’s first qualifying run saw him run at 3pm in warm, humid conditions, and complete a lap in 5.90 secs @ 234.98 Mph, qualifying fourth at that time. After checking to ensure that cylinder temperature problems, which had plagued the team at the last meeting, had been corrected, the team was happy to move forward and lean on the tune up.

The compulsory qualifying run at 6pm saw the pairing of the K Trans Racing teams, Shane Weston and Maurice Brennan match racing. A red light from Shane saw the win go to Brennan, however Shane had just bettered his qualifying time to a 5.81 secs @ 241.93 Mph, and this subsequently moved him into third place in the rankings.

Elimination Rounds:

IMG_1563First round in eliminations saw the Weston Racing Team up against John Zappia. To complicate matters, a slight shower from above saw the track conditions change without notice, as prior teams found traction difficult. The pairing immediately before (Croker/Gregorini) were instructed to shut their cars down as a slight shower had started during their burnout.

John’s experience saw him cut a mean light – 0.004 second reaction time, and he had to peddle his car down the track, but Shane, leaving at 0.022 seconds, motored past John at about three quarter track to take the win light and record the fastest time of the meeting for Top Comp for the second time this year – 5.77 secs @ 243.24 Mph. Just shy of the Australian National Record for AA/Dragster – 5.75 secs.

The team was happy with this result, as the tune-up was working to plan, and the car was still running fast in less than ideal conditions.

The win against Zappia, saw Shane move into the Top Comp A-Final, and this time against another tough Doorslammer racer – Robin Judd. Shane followed the script as planned, moving through his burnout and pre-race checks, and waited patiently for Judd to move into stage. As Judd had the benefit of a slight handicap, he left first, unfortunately he unloaded the tires in a big way causing him to veer right sharply and cross the centerline. As Judd wrestled with his car, Shane shot past him on his way to a win – 5.79 secs @ 242.58 Mph.


We were delighted with the win, with Shane dedicating the win to Keith Middleton from K Trans. Shane said during the trophy presentation – ‘I would like to dedicate this win to Keith, because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be racing, so thanks Keith’.

Weston Racing would like to thank all of our sponsors, as we chase the 2010/11 Top Comp Championship and the Australian National Record for AA/Dragster.

Season Opener Report

Following successful testing on Wednesday (27th October), where Weston Racing rolled out their AA/Dragster for the first time this season, and completed back to back five second passes, the Weston Racing Team were once again prepared to prove they had the right calibre to better the Australian National Record for their class.

Qualification Rounds:

With the car now sporting the K Trans WA Racing livery, the car rolled through onto the track promptly at 4pm, with a short burnout, and the two step limiter checks over, the car was promptly brought into stage against another AA/Dragster – Adam Marchant.

As the lights counted down, Shane jumped on the noise, and lifted the clutch to rocket the dragster down the track in 5.74 secs @ 243.9 Mph and beating Marchant across the line. A time bettering the National Record by one hundredths of a second.

The Weston Racing Team then set about checking the car over thoroughly to ensure the engine (bearings etc) were still good, they were. After a quick warm-up in the pits, the tune-up was altered to suit changing weather conditions, and the team were once again ready to test the National Record.

IMG_5343As Shane rolled the dragster out onto the track at 6pm for a solo pass, this time in the right hand lane, another short burnout, and starting checks completed, the car was locked into stage. Shane, eager to get going, proved the 0.95 second 60ft time was again a good place to be on a record setting run. He covered the quarter mile

track this time in 5.68 secs @ 244.5 Mph, blowing the main oil line off the engine and spraying oil onto the headers as it went through the finish line. Needless to say, the Team were very happy with the performance.

The pit was again busy with engine work, this time to clean the oil from the engine due to the burst line fitting. Shane Weston had qualified 2nd in a 14 car field, and ran the quickest time for the meeting.

Elimination Rounds:

Unfortunately, due to the rush to get the car to the start line for the first round of eliminations, the team was unable to do a warmup engine start in the pit area. And when the car rolled out onto the start line, it was discovered that the previous run had in fact burnt a piston, and were forced to forfeit the first round.


Despite the mishap with the burnt piston, the Weston Racing Team were very pleased with their efforts, and proved that their efforts over the off season were well rewarded. Even backing up their previous season best of 5.73 secs @ 243.2 Mph, and showing the Team has picked up were it left off!