Night of Fire – December 28th

We hope everyone had a great and safe Christmas.


This meeting we had the Data logger repaired and the battery replaced so we should be able to get data on the runs again.  The first Qualifying pass at 3:20pm we left the setup as it was from the previous meeting night pass.  The track temp was approaching the 123 degree F, with the sun on it all day also made for tricky conditions around this time.  We knew the car would get down the track or smoke the tyres at the hit of the throttle.

The later happened and the car left ok, had a little wheel spin and shake at the top of first gear again but not as bad as we have been experiencing prior.  Shane ran down the 1/4 mile in 5.81 seconds at 243mph which was ok in the conditions and gave the team some data to work with for the next round.

shane-131228aThe Compulsory Qualifier at 6:15pm we were paired against Daniel Gregorini in his Top Doorslammer.  Track conditions had cooled down and the air had come around a bit.  With the track cooling and starting to get shade we new we could tweak the tune up just a little.  The car left hard with a 0.947 – 60 foot time running through with a personal best for this new engine combo of 5.718 @ 245.23mph.  With this pass, we managed to be the Top Qualifier for this meeting.

All the hard work the team placed in during the last meeting was worth seeing these numbers come up on the board.

First round 8:15pm against Pino’s Top Doorslammer, the dragster left hard and had a little tyre shake. With the tyre shake that we have been having over the last meetings, we think that we had damaged the burst panel, cracking or weakening so slightly that we couldn’t see.


Then on this pass, as the boost pressure came up to around 38psi this just peeled open the top half of the panel losing all the power to the engine was lost. We rolled through with a 7 second time losing to Pino’s 6.36 second pass. At the end of the day we learnt more, obtained more data for this new combo and ran another Personal Best.

The team could not be happier.

Thanks to all our hard working crew as these are the people behind the scene making sure we get the car turned around and back onto the track all the time.

We wish everyone a safe and a Happy New Year.  Next meeting is the  10-11 January – Nitro Max(Top Fuel/Top Bike)We would also like to thank all our sponsors, Darling Downs Drilling, The Boat Business, Stewarts Pest Control, Pirtek Blackwater, Compressor Valve Services.

Photo’s Courtesy of Phil Luyer – High Octane Photo’s

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