Nightfire Jets – Report

This meeting was all about testing and getting more data for the car for the up coming Top Alcohol round in a few months.

First pass of the day was around 2:25pm, was a hot sunny day.  Track temperature was approaching 130 deg F which made for tricky conditions.  Shane did his normal routine and staged the car.  The car left a little soft but then around 150 foot out shook very hard and he aborted the pass and rolled through.

Maintenance was done between rounds and we were chasing an electrical problem also.  We had this solved on the stands in the pits so we headed around for the compulsory qualifying pass.  As Shane staged the car all the instrument panels died.  Shane staged the car and had to just go by the sound of the engine for the launch rpm that he needed.  Launched the car and guessed the shift points down the track for a 6.02 pass.  No what we were hoping for but under the circumstances was respectable.

We tried again to find where this electrical gremlin was and tried something different for the first round.  Clutch was replaced, engine maintenance was done and we headed back out around 8pm.  We had a solo pass as Pino had problems and couldn’t make the round.  Everything was working this pass but around 200 foot out the car lost all drive and coasted through for the win.  As we are not one of the quickest 4 winners so we are out.

More data has been obtained and the crew are all learning more and more after every pass.  We will be back again in 2 weeks trying again to make the finals.



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