Nitro & Fire Meeting Report


This event was a 2 day meeting.  Weather wasn’t looking to good at the beginning with rain through the morning, but this cleared up for a short time. During friday nights qualifying we managed to get 1 pass in before the event was called for the night.

The team worked hard with the short turn around time before meetings, but as we damaged the clutch from last meeting and the parts not arriving in time we had to run with the old clutch.  This was the first time we have ran this clutch with the new engine combo so we were back to square one with that.  We talked with the crew chief and the team came up with a plan.

Shane staged the dragster and launched, everything worked well.  The dragster got off the line and drove down the track stopping the clock at 5.91 @ 241 mph which was the time we were expecting for the shakedown pass with that clutch.


We had some data to work with so maintenance was done to get ready for the next pass in about 2 hours time.  Some changes to the clutch to make it lock up a little harder and then we were just waiting for the scheduled time to be out for the last pass of the night.  But the heavens opened up and the call came through to say the event for tonight has been cancelled with a revised schedule for tomorrows racing.

Saturday was going to be a little better weather wise well a couple of showers during the day but mostly fine.  Our first pass today was 3:30pm.  The air was around 1500 foot so we left the clutch tune up in the car from last night and adjusted for the weather in the fuel system.  The car  sounded better on this pass, but when Shane was performing his burnout it shook the fuel line loose. So it was a rush to stop the fuel leaking out while he was reversing up we tightened up the hose fitting all while trying not to hold Al up in the other lane.  We managed to do this and not hold anyone up and Shane staged the car.  The car left hard and shook a little at the top of first gear but Shane managed to drive through this and drove it out the back door stopping the clock at 5.747 @ 246mph.  This was a personal best for the team with the 246.57mph.  The team had finally ran another 5.7 pass which has eluded them for sometime.

Compulsory Qualifying pass at 6:00 we left the tuneup the same as the previous pass to see if we could back up the times from the previous run.  As we were having problems with the data logger not recording the pass we didn’t want to change to much without data to look at.  Shane did his normal burnout and reversed the car and staged.  The dragster hit the start line hard with a 0.946 60foot time and running 5.740 @ 245.90mph.

This had us qualified in 3rd position and up against Paul Carey in his RX7.  With the indexing system we had about a 1 second wait on the tree before Shane could go.  Shane had to win this race and run around a 5.7 second to be in the fast 4 cars for the final’s.  Paul red lit with a -0.020 reaction handing the win to Shane but we still had to run a fast pass.  This wasn’t the best of passes with a little bit of tyre shake but the time was the quickest for the meeting with a 5.73 @ 245.23mph.  Shane done a great driving job.


Finals was against Al McClure BB/FC again.  This is always a very hard race.  The race track was the best its been and the air was good also.  We left the tuneup the same again but the dragster shook violently at the top of first gear, Shane shifted to second and lost traction and started to smoke the tyres ( it also just started to rain a little which might of caused this) and got a little sideways, Shane aborted the pass as the race was over and its not worth risking damaging the equipment.

Overall this was a great result for the team coming runner up again.  We have made the finals 2 times out of 3 meetings, which has placed us 3rd in the Track Championship points.  12.5 points behind Rob Pilkington and 45 points behind Al McClure.

The next meeting is 28th December.  We hope you can make it down to the track for this event.  Merry Christmas and we hope that Santa brings you what you ask for.

!! Go Hard or Go Home !!

Photo’s courtesy of Phil Blondel(Dragsmedia) & Phil Luyer(High Octane Photos)

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