Nitro Fury – March 22nd

Only three weeks have passed since the Westernational event.  There has been a lot of activity happening with the team since then.  The new heads needed to be serviced as they had done four meetings from new and the valve seats needed to be recut to keep them in good order.  A new oil pump was also required for the engine.

The spare heads needed to get some work done before we could race with these so they were sent to the Eastern States and only arrived back on the Wednesday before this event.  The crew spent a late night assembling the engine and getting it back into the chassis.

The Nitro Fury event was the second last event for our season.  The weather was looking good, low 30’s with a shower predicted for the morning.  No rain in the morning, but there was a strong easterly wind blowing all day which kept it humid most of the day and night.

IMG_3689First pass for the team was at 3:20pm.  We did a few changes to the car from last meeting to see if we could tame the tyre shake off the line.  This seemed to work andwe ran a 5.642 @ 246.57mph.  Unfortunately the strong easterly wind was pushing the dragster over towards the wall at the top end, when the chutes deployed they went over the wall, caught and ripped the chute.

The team was happy with the pass in the heat of the day and the changes we made seemed to lessen the tyre shake which was a step in the right direction.

For the compulsory qualifying round at 6.00pm we modified the ignition mapping a little more.  The dragster left harder with a 0.927 60 foot time running through with a 5.613 @ 250.69mph.  On deploying the chutes one chute failed snapping the line causing this to wrap around the good one.  This stopped it from blooming correctly.  Shane had to rely on the brakes to slow the dragster down from 400+kph otherwise he was heading into the sand trap at the end of the braking area.  He managed to pull it up staying out of the sand to the relief of the crew.

With this pass we qualified in 2nd position behind Alistair McClure.  First round we were matched up against Steve Aldridge’s AA/AP Chev.

IMG_3693We had been having transmission problems all day which we thought we had solved.  With the maintenance done for this round we decided to fire the car just to check the gears, but we had no second gear.  With 25 minutes until we had to be out on the track the team all pulled together and got the transmission out and stripped to find out what had failed to stop it from changing into gear.  We didn’t have very much time to try and resolve this and as we had run out of time and needed to be out in the staging lanes a patch job was done and the transmission put back into the dragster.   We had no idea if this would work so it was a nervous time for all the team.  We had to run better than a 5.75 to make the A final but if it didn’t change gear we would be out.  The dragster left hard again, all fingers were crossed for the first gear change! It worked, Shane drove the dragster straight down the track stopping the clock with a 5.623 @ 250.00mph.  This was good enough to put us in the A Final against Al McClure’s Altered.

A mad rush was made back the house to get spare parts so we could fix the transmission properly for the finals.  All was done within the time and as we were just about to tow out for the final a thunderstorm hit the Motorplex.  A downpour of rain saw the event called around 10:15pm as there was no way they could have the finals completed before 11.00pm.


With the changes that were made to tame the car on the start line it seems not to have hurt the overall performance or times.  The team feels we are heading in the right direction and we are hopeful to improve our personal best at the ‘Grand Final’ to be held on the 5th April.

Thanks to Darling Downs Drilling, Compressor Valve Services, Stewarts Pest ControlThe Boat Business and Pirtek Blackwater and his crew; Aidan Duncan, Mark Shorto, Brad Anesty, Troy Alford, Richard & Elaine Weston, Bob Marlow, Kayla Vogel and Karen Hildebrandt.

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