Nitro Max – 10/11 January

This event is the half way mark of our season.  Currently we are sitting 3rd in the local championship.  This event we had qualifying on Friday and Saturday.  With the predicted hot weather 40+, this was going to make for very tricky conditions for all the teams racing.

The Friday qualifying pass at 6:45pm the dragster left the line strong but at 3.3 seconds it seems to of dropped a intake valve, bent inside the head and hammered the valve seat out which went throughout the manifold into the other cylinders causing damaged.  It still ran a respectable time of 5.78 @ 230mph, but the team had a lot of work ahead.  We had to miss the second qualifying pass that night and rebuild the engine replacing rods, pistons, and get the new heads all setup to change out the damaged ones.


The team all pulled together working through to the early hours of the morning getting the engine back together so we could make the final qualifying pass on Saturday.  The team done well and at 3pm we finally fired the car up and all was good.

Saturday the temperature was 44 degrees and the track got to a maximum of 69 Deg C which the track crew done a great job during the day in looking after, so at 6pm there was a good surface to race on.

The plan for this pass was to have more fuel delivered to the engine to make sure everything was all good.   Shane done his normal routine burnout and staged the dragster.  It left hard and had a little shake and Shane short shifted into second.  This slowed the car but then recovered and ran the second half of the track hard.  The team was very surprised with the time that showed up, 5.69 @ 247.93mph, all there hard work had paid off.

After the pass the engine was checked and the data showing everything was good.  If we to make the finals we had to win the next round and run a 5.65 or better.  The tune-up was changed back a little taking out the added fuel from the previous lap.  The track had come around with the cooling air temperature of 34 deg at 9:00pm.

The dragster sounded all good throughout the burn-out, the all clear was given for Shane to stage the dragster.  He launched the dragster hard but a red light (-0.044) hitting all the shift points on the run stopping the timers at 5.61 @ 250.69mph a new personal best for the team but lost the race.

Next event is the Top Alcohol Round 31st January & 1st February which the team now has data for the times which are need to be competitive for this class.

Thanks to Darling Downs Drilling, The Boat Business, Pirtek Blackwater, Compressor Valve Services, Stewarts Pest Control and all of my crew.  Also thanks to everyone that is supporting us in our journey.

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