Pro Showdown – Eliminations

Saturday 1st February – Eliminations

1486030_10151857875707676_1478544905_oAfter a full on night of racing the sump was dropped and everything checked at the end of the meeting.  All was excellent and was all placed back together again in preperation for the first round.  We race Rob Pilkington in the Funny Car which is going to be a very close race.

The weather for Saturday was warm around 28 degrees, but there was a strong wind blowing down and across the track, which makes it tricky between the 600 – 1000 foot mark.

IMG_665We choose the left lane again but as we watched the Doorslammers and the first pairs of Alcohol cars going down the track we made the hard decision to swap lanes.  No one in the left lane was getting down the track.  Aidan had the hard decision to tell Pilkington that we were swapping lanes.  We made sure we gave them plenty of time to make changes if they needed too.

We knew that Rob was going for it on this pass so we had to make sure everything was right, Shane staged the dragster and the tree counted, leaving with a 0.171 to Rob’s 0.173.  Shane suffered tyre shake again which moved him out of the groove which in turn made the dragster turn hard towards the wall.  Shane done a great drive and recovered the dragster and got it back in the groove and ran down Rob at the finish line with a 5.641 @ 244.56mph to Rob’s 5.669.

round1-140201 round1-140201a

We made it through that round by 3 hundredths or 3 metres approximately.

Semi Finals time, we didn’t have lane choice and we knew we would be in the left lane.  This lane has been a little average all day and it was going to be hard to get down without shaking the dragster to bits.  We took some power out of the engine to try and soften up the top of first gear.

IMG_3221Craig had the right lane but 2 pairs before us their was a big oil down in the left lane.  This just added to the problem in the left lane but there wasn’t anything we could do, so Shane just had to do his best and hope that he could get the dragster down the track.

The dragster left with a 0.937 60 foot, looked like it was going to get through the shake zone but then shook violently with Shane doing a quick pedal and short shifted gears.  This settled down the shake but then he short shifted into top gear not allowing the engine to rev up and the clutch pulled the engine down and driving through this.  5.726 to Glassby’s 5.768 winning on a holeshot by 0.012 of a second.

Congratulations to John Cannuli in taking the first win for the championship round against Craig Glassby.

At the end of the day we managed to do another Personal Best ET & MPH and also take out the track record which has been sitting for nearly 10 years for ET and 7 years for the MPH.



 Photo’s Courtesy Phil Luyer – High Octane PhotosJon Gall – Jon Gall Photography, Phil Blondel – Dragsmedia

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