Season Highlights

October Test n Tune
October 16th Day 1

Saturday: – We had changed the car quite considerably; this was so Shane could get his Group 1 Top Alcohol license.
We have removed the 2 step, which means when Shane leaves the line he has to swap feet, just as you would in your car. Before we removed the 2 step he would hold both feet flat to the floor and just let off the clutch.
Now he has to manually get the rev’s up before he goes into stage.
This has proved to be a problem as the car was only set up for using the 2 step, so removing it has now caused an electrical issue with car, which we did not realize until later on Sunday.
It has also changed the way in which the supercharger works by producing less boost on the start line. We have gone from 43PSI to 12PSI. This now means that when the car takes off it is extremely lazy.
We produced some very average times
– 6.024 @ 235mph
– 6.014 @ 234mph
This was not going to be good enough to obtain his Group 1 Top Alcohol license.

October 17th Day 2

Sunday: – After changing several things in the car we still had an electrical issue. Although the car seemed to perform a little better, we still weren’t quite sure but stuck by our data.
We managed to run a 5.83 @ 239.36mph.
This was good enough to get the Group 1 Top Alcohol license. He is now the youngest Group 1 license holder in Australia.

Grand Opening
October 29th

Saturday: -During the 2 week break between the Test and tune and the Grand Opening the car was stripped back. We removed all the wiring, took the 2 step module off the car and replaced it with an 8973 box, this is like minicomputer. Although the car was stripped we still had the issue of 12PSI boost on the line. The only way to fix this problem is to take the Rootes Supercharger off and replace it with a PSI Supercharger.
This will also stop eliminate revving the car as high as 10700RPM and damaging parts.

1st Qualify
We missed the 1st Qualifier as the 8973 box was not working properly. So the boys fixed the problem and we were ready for 6pm.

2nd Qualify
At 6pm we pulled up alongside Adam Marchant he was running TAD specs we were running AAD. Shane was 1st out but at about ½ track he hit some oil and got out of the groove. He went a little sideways so therefore he lifted and forfeited the race. Lucky it was only a compulsory qualify.

1st Round
We lined up against Robin Judd. Judd had something to prove as Shane had won against him the last time they met in a final.
Judd asked Shane what his plan was, Shane told him you do your burn out first then stage and I will follow. Judd went into pre stage Shane followed. Shane waited for Judd to fully
Stage, but he just sat there it seemed like an eternity. Judd was playing games knowing we didn’t have the 2 step. Judd finally went into stage, Shane followed. The lights counted down Shane RED lights going too early he was just too anxious. Oh well better luck next time.

Golden States (Top Alcohol )

The 2 weeks leading up to this event were very stressful once again everything was pulled apart. The gear box seemed to have some damaged shims. We didn’t have time to purchase any, so we managed to borrow them off Murray O’Connor. The clutch was also extremely warn so we purchased some frictions from Jeff Clarke.
The engine was not quite right either; No. 2 cylinder was staying cold this was due to
the lack of boost on the start line. We fitted a new conrod in cylinder 2 and had the heads serviced. Shane usually does this himself but the valve seat needed cutting.

November 18th Day 1

Friday: – The 8973 box was not working correctly we finally managed to figure out what was wrong we fixed it; it was just a bad earth. After re-starting the car everything seemed ok.

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