Season Opener – 25th October 2014

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treepeh-logoThe new season is upon us. The team has been working hard through the off season getting new parts, cleaning up some problem areas to make things on race day run smoothly.  We would like to welcome aboard Prompt Equipment Hire as a new sponsor for this season.

Saturdays Opening meeting wasn’t the best start to the season as the weather wasn’t very forgiving. Low temps and likelihood of rain was forecast in the afternoon.

First shakedown pass was scheduled for 3:55pm, we were in the staging lanes, about 2 pairs before it was our go, but the heavens opened up showering us in that lovely rain. This cancelled the remaining passes until the 6:00pm round.

IMG_5361The track staff did a great job drying the track but with the temps for the day around 20 degrees the track wasn’t going to be able to get very much heat into it.

For the 6:30pm pass we backed the car down a little and could only go out there and see what happened.  We had been suffering severe  tyre shake which we were trying to overcome.

The dragster sounded very strong in the burnout, everything looked ok and Shane was given the thumbs up to go.  It left the line hard with a .95 60 foot time but then started to shake and spin the tyres and Shane aborted the pass stopping the clock with a 11.94 @ 95.44mph.

IMG_5362Back at the pits the data collected was scrutinised and a plan for the next pass was implemented.  This qualified us in 5th place and we were up against the Top Qualifier Steve Aldridge’s T/D.

More power was taken out of the dragster on the startline as the track was only going to get colder.  Shane left with a good reaction time of 0.002 but yet again the dragster started to shake, Shane did a great job of catching this and pedalled the dragster to win a 5.96@242.58mph.  This would have us in a final, it was just a matter of waiting to see if this was the A or B final.


IMG_5363We were still having problems around the 60 foot mark with shaking and overpowering the track.  We made the B final and had Daniel Gregorini’s T/D.  This was going to be a good race as we both can run good numbers.

Maintenance and adjustments were done and we towed around for the final pass.  The track was getting cold and the temperature was dropping also.  This always makes tuning the car hard.

We did our normal routine and staged the dragster.  It left very hard carrying the front wheels past 60 foot then the back end stepped out, Shane pedalled the car and got it back under control and drove it out for a win, 7.14@225.56mph.  This wasn’t the prettiest of passes but he managed to get the win.

The team worked hard in the tricky cold conditions, but we will get on top of the tune up with more laps that we do and data we obtain.

We would like to thank Darling Downs Drilling, Pirtek Blackwater, Stewarts Pest Control, Prompt Equipment Hire, The Boat Business, Compressor Valve Services.  Without these companies we couldn’t be doing what we love.


Thanks to Phil @ dragsmedia for the pictures and onboard camera video’s.

The next meeting is on 15 November at the Perth Motorplex.  We hope to see you all there.

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