Season Opener Report

Following successful testing on Wednesday (27th October), where Weston Racing rolled out their AA/Dragster for the first time this season, and completed back to back five second passes, the Weston Racing Team were once again prepared to prove they had the right calibre to better the Australian National Record for their class.

Qualification Rounds:

With the car now sporting the K Trans WA Racing livery, the car rolled through onto the track promptly at 4pm, with a short burnout, and the two step limiter checks over, the car was promptly brought into stage against another AA/Dragster – Adam Marchant.

As the lights counted down, Shane jumped on the noise, and lifted the clutch to rocket the dragster down the track in 5.74 secs @ 243.9 Mph and beating Marchant across the line. A time bettering the National Record by one hundredths of a second.

The Weston Racing Team then set about checking the car over thoroughly to ensure the engine (bearings etc) were still good, they were. After a quick warm-up in the pits, the tune-up was altered to suit changing weather conditions, and the team were once again ready to test the National Record.

IMG_5343As Shane rolled the dragster out onto the track at 6pm for a solo pass, this time in the right hand lane, another short burnout, and starting checks completed, the car was locked into stage. Shane, eager to get going, proved the 0.95 second 60ft time was again a good place to be on a record setting run. He covered the quarter mile

track this time in 5.68 secs @ 244.5 Mph, blowing the main oil line off the engine and spraying oil onto the headers as it went through the finish line. Needless to say, the Team were very happy with the performance.

The pit was again busy with engine work, this time to clean the oil from the engine due to the burst line fitting. Shane Weston had qualified 2nd in a 14 car field, and ran the quickest time for the meeting.

Elimination Rounds:

Unfortunately, due to the rush to get the car to the start line for the first round of eliminations, the team was unable to do a warmup engine start in the pit area. And when the car rolled out onto the start line, it was discovered that the previous run had in fact burnt a piston, and were forced to forfeit the first round.


Despite the mishap with the burnt piston, the Weston Racing Team were very pleased with their efforts, and proved that their efforts over the off season were well rewarded. Even backing up their previous season best of 5.73 secs @ 243.2 Mph, and showing the Team has picked up were it left off!

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