Test ‘n’ Tune 12 – 13 October 2013

Well a huge day ahead. Shane’s birthday, his 21st is today but racing is first on the agenda.

The car hasn’t been finished yet with still the fuel system to be completed.

We weren’t in any hurry as we didn’t want anything to be over looked.  Around 1pm it was time to fire it up. First pop, she goes a huge sigh of relief from the team. Now they had to set the idle this was going to take a few hours as it had to be done correctly else Shane would not be able to stage.

20131103-205317.jpgAt around 4.30 it was time to go out on the track and do a burn out and a 60ft pass. This was so Aidan could to see how the car was going to perform and how the temps would be in each of the cylinders. This is extremely important as if we had the set it up too lean then it all could go bang.

Well it was perfect the burnout, stage, a 0.008 reaction pretty good for his first time in a long time of swapping feet.  60ft was 0.949 not too bad, they were happy with that. The car came back, data downloaded and all was good. A little more adjusting of the idle as Shane was not quite happy with it.

The car was breathing from the spew tank as the pistons rings weren’t the best and there was blow by. So basically the oil was going past the rings and blowing out into the spew tank.

A couple of hours later back out for another run. This time it was to be a half track pass. Once again we were being cautious, we did not want anything to go wrong.

Again another great reaction time 0.079, The car got out the groove and the back end went a little  side ways not good for the heart rate but all good.   The 60 ft time was also great better than we had expected 0.940. But the gearbox didn’t seem quite right. So Shane decided to pull it out and make sure it was ok. Unfortunately the sprag had let go. With the car producing a lot more horse power it was time to be replaced. We didn’t have one in stock it was on order but hadn’t arrived in time. So we were lucky enough to be able to borrow one to get us through the next day. So the rest of the evening was used to get the gearbox stripped and rebuilt ready for day two of testing.

Once the gearbox was complete it was time for dinner and birthday cake. Kayla had the cake made, it was a Christmas tree (drag racing lights) it was great. Shane had a fantastic day of racing and a great 21t birthday. Now home to bed.


Day 2 of testing we prepared the car for the days racing. The sump was pulled off and they made sure the bearings were ok. They were like brand new so the boys were happy and the car was put back together. Oil was cleaned from the back of the car as the blow by was even worse by now. There was nothing we could do other than top the oil up and make sure we changed the rings for the Grand Opening.  At around 2.15pm we were ready for another run this time Shane was told to run to 1000ft.

img_1310261Reaction time was a little slow 0.292 he must have had a nap on the line. 60ft was better 0.935 so we were improving with each pass. He run 6.855 to 1000 ft, they were happy with that, but the belt had been moving all weekend it had been catching on the crank trigger  and on this pass it hasn’t  broken but it has shredded itself. So we need to order a new one.  All the data showed that there were no problems so after 2 days of testing we had some data to play with and a base line to work with.

Now its back home pull it all down check everything out to make sure there is no damage and get ready for the grand opening in 3 weeks.

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