Weston Wins WA Top Alcohol Championship

The first WA Top Alcohol Championship round here at the Perth Motorplex. There were plenty of hard hitters at this event that have upgraded their combo’s this season, so we had to be on our A game.

During the last event we had a phone call from Corey Marriott with a concept he thought would be good for the team which involved and new paint scheme, which he would end up applying to the dragster over the 3-week period before this event. A lot of endless nights were had by Corey painting this masterpiece in the backyard, that resulted in this new look dragster “Endangered Species”.

At first this was a big shock as we have always had a Black dragster throughout Shane’s drag racing. It took some time to adjust to but the more Corey painted and work each day the concept was getting clearer and we started to see Corey’s idea on the car. Corey was given free for all with his idea and on Saturday it was revealed to everyone to see at this meeting. The feedback we received from everyone was great and it seems everyone likes the dragster with colour.

We had a few issues from the previous meeting breaking the Lenco gearbox. Ordering parts ended up being a problem as Lenco in the USA didn’t have any sprags on the shelf and it would be a few weeks before we could get new ones from them. It was a mad rush to ring around to see who might have some spares that we could use for this meeting. Ryan Moresby came to the rescue that we are very grateful for.

This meant the gearbox had to be assembled at the track on Saturday before we could go racing as we were waiting on some other parts also for the gearbox. This added a little pressure to the team at the start of the day but we all pulled together and got the work done and fired the car and checked everything was working.

weston-familyFirst qualifying pass was around 3:30pm; weather was warm with the sun out about 24 degree, with track temp around 44 degrees. 1200 foot and around 48 water grains. (good weather to make horsepower) This was a good change from last meeting, so we expected the track to be a lot different.   We staged the dragster and left the line hard with a 0.941 60-foot time but the car rattle the tyres. Shane aborted the run, as it was not worth damaging the dragster pedaling the car.

Back in the pits the data was looked over, and a plan for the 6:00pm pass was discussed. The track was going to come around for the compulsory qualifier and we wanted to go out hard and try to put a respectable time on the boards. We had a solo pass so there was no pressure on Shane, we could take our time and make sure everything was right before we sent him on his way down the track.

The track was so tight that it caught us off guard, the Perth Motorplex crew had done a stellar job. Shane brought the dragster up to the launch rpm and dropped the clutch, it took off like a rocket just lifting the front wheels and carrying them out nicely, but the great traction produced a power wheel stand which was only getting higher and higher carrying the wheels over the 60 foot timer maker which ended up tripping this beam with the back tyres at 1 second. Shane had to feather off the throttle as it was only climbing higher and was getting to the point of no return. The dragster came down hard, Shane did a great job and got back on the throttle and drove it down under full power not realizing the force coming back done had cracked all the blower studs, stopping the timers at 5.96 seconds at 238mph. The force of pulling the chutes at the finish line was enough to break the blower studs completely off doing a little damage to fuel lines and the blower belt, the safety straps kept the blower from falling off completely.  Click to view video

ws141115This qualified us behind Rob Pilkington’s TA/FC in second position which meant the next round we would be up against Craig Glassby’s TA/FC. We had quiet a bit of maintenance to do between this round which was removing the blower and replacing studs, o’ring seals on top of the normal maintenance. All hands were on deck to turn the car around before the 8pm run time. All the data showed good and it wanted more power. Some subtle changes were made as the track was only going to get better and we didn’t want to under estimate the track again. We were running late to make it out on time, but Craig being a great sportsman waited for us in the staging lanes which was very much appreciated and we towed around straight to the fire up position that’s how close we were to nearly missing out. Shane was given the thumbs up and we fired the car for the pass, staged and launched the car hard. It shook the tyres at the top of first gear and Shane had to lift off the throttle which was about .5 of a second and then on again running out the back door for a 5.717 @ 250.69mph and won the race. The guys had done a great job getting in and getting the dragster back out on the line to make this pass. It was a great result to win the race and run a respectable time.

It looked like the final was going to be between our old mate Rob Pilkington’s TA/FC. These guys had already ran a heap of 5.6’s for the day. These guys are always on there game and are a very hard competitor to bet at the best of times, we had to try and find the times we were running last season.

IMG_5454The air had dropped to about 600 foot; the track was killer so we threw everything at dragster. This was a stellar pass from both teams; side-by-side all the way, this is what drag racing is all about. Shane was in the habit of pedaling the dragster and he automatically did this for no reason (another 0.4 of a second off the throttle). The dragster ran hard and fast all the way and it was on a great number going threw the traps in 5.574 seconds at 253.52mph to Rob 5.638 @ 250.69mph. This was an extremely close race with the margin of victory to Shane of 1 one thousandths of a second, as like last years Top Alcohol Round against Rob also. We had done it, run back into the 5.5’s and on the way reset the track MPH record. What a way to finish the meeting winning after the problems we had suffered throughout the meeting. The team had done a great job, and was rewarded with this.

With the valuable data we have obtained from these meeting we hope to carry this onto the future meetings and hit our goal of resetting the National record before the end of our season.

Shane dedicated the win to his Dad (Richard Weston.)

We would like to thank Rod and his team at the Perth Motorplex, Track Crew & Steve Powell for a great racing surface all night and a well run event.

above pics courtesy of Dragsmedia – Phil Blondell

The next meeting is on November 28th – Coates Hire Nitro Thunder event We hope to see you all there supporting your local racer and our team.

Weston Racing couldn’t do this with out my hard working crew and my loyal sponsors, Darling Downs Drilling, Stewarts Pest Control, The Boat Business, Prompt Equipment Hire, Fuchs Oil and Pirtek Blackwater, his crew: Aidan Duncan, Mark Shorto, Brad Anstey, Troy Alford, Richard & Elaine Weston, Bob Marlow, Kayla Vogel, Karen Hildebrandt and junior crew Ben & Chris Duncan.

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