Westernationals Update

Westernationals update.
The Westernationals was a very valuable learning curve. This is one meet that we just can’t seem to win (Maybe next year).

We once again had head damage on the Saturday. The boys were up most of the night servicing and fixing the heads. We had some second hand valves, collets and locks, so the boys fixed the seats as best as they could. They reassembled the heads using the second hand parts, something we don’t like doing but had no choice.
While all this was happening at home Richard was at the track cleaning and dismantling the bottom end, getting ready for Sunday morning rebuild.
Everything seemed fine on Sunday when all was re assembled, a huge job by the crew.

We managed to get through first round with a win so all was looking up. But second round we had to race John Mcsweeney in the Hogs Breath funny car. With the way the index system works Mcsweeney was almost at the finish line before Shane’s side of the tree counted down. One of our boys calculated that we would have had to run a 5.50 second pass to even be close to beating Mcsweeney. So basically that was the end of that.
The following Tuesday we had a team meeting and agreed to see the rest of the season out. The reason behind this is money. At the start of the season we had a planned maintenance regime. But unfortunately this did not happen due to funding being cut.
As you can imagine parts need to be replaced to keep running the numbers we need to do to win. We were told by our engine reconditioners before we went to the winters, that the bore’s were out of round. They said this would cause a lack in performance . Well it seems they were correct a combination of the computer, electrical and the bores it affects everything.

The scenario.
We have ordered a set of fatter sleeves. These will allow us to bore the block to get it true again. Then we can use the same size pistons.
We have also noticed that the lifter bores will need to be sleeved as the lifters have been smashing the cam. The new pistons have cracks in them so they are now in the bin.
So for us to be back on track and be competitive we need to have a major rebuild. We need to replace the pistons, cam, lifters, valves, valve springs, plus re sleeve the lifter bore. Cost $8500 -$9500.
If we had done the maintenance throughout the season, instead of trying to make things last then this may not have occurred. But this boils down to lack of funds.

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